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On the Question of different Spiritual Hierarchies in the world.

Long have I considered this question. When I was growing up, my father introduced me to Joseph Campbell, who in my reading promoted the sameness of all spiritual traditions teaching a comprehensive truth through different symbols. When I spent years as a fundamental Vajrayana Buddhist, I developed a great deal of disrespect for this view, […]

Virtue of the stars.

A little theory There is a duality inherent in astrology. Good and Bad. Or as we astrologers like to say, benefic and malefic. Astrology twitter recently had a field day and grand debate over whether it is appropriate to use the terms benefic and malefic in modern astrology. Of course the traditionalist love using the […]

Quantum astrology

The meaningless problem of defintion Whether astrology is a science or not is an incredible and mostly useless debate. Mostly useless because astrology works as a predictive tool giving probabilities of events occurring and a psychological tool giving insights into habits and patterns of the psyche. But astrology is a science. When science is defined […]

Ethos Anthropoi Daimon

In an article written by Jonah Goldberg about Trump he says the following, “The Greek philosopher Heraclitus did when he observed ‘ethos anthropoi daimon,’ most often translated as ‘man’s character is his fate.’” This statement, to anyone reasonable in thought, rings true on its own. The phrase ‘ἦθος ἀνθρώπῳ δαίμων’ is very interesting to philosophers […]