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The meaningless problem of defintion

Whether astrology is a science or not is an incredible and mostly useless debate. Mostly useless because astrology works as a predictive tool giving probabilities of events occurring and a psychological tool giving insights into habits and patterns of the psyche. But astrology is a science. When science is defined by the following definition (from Google), “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” Then Astrology fills this requirement. It is the intellectual study and practical activity of studying how the relationship of planetary bodies and cycles has predictable effects based upon over 5000 years or more of active study and experimentation.

An astrologer does not posit “there is a god, but you can’t see him, but he effects everything.” Rather through experimentation and study an astrologer posits, “there is Saturn, and when Saturn or a cycle of time based on Saturn aspects certain points in the sky or hypothetical points of time, you will have certain experiences, thoughts, and emotional responses.”

So why is astrology so hated and dismissed by the scientific and academic community? First because the mechanism of why it works is not currently known and explained in a broadly acceptable manner. Second because while it gives probabilities of outcomes and thus commonly predicts soft outcomes, it rarely predicts hard outcomes. Here I define a soft outcome as a statement that is true but not precise, such as, “you will have an experience of emotional rejection from your parents over the week of Thanksgiving”. This is vs a “hard outcome” such as “your Parent will be wearing red and complain about how you cooked the Turkey while speaking of how much they do not like your husband at thanksgiving. “ (Per example: Saturn squaring the moon in the 4th during the week of nov 20th.)

A definition

I would like to propose that we can call Astrology a quantum science. As I have already said, astrology meets the definitions of science as stated above, and meets most definitions of science. Yet because it is a science of predictability probability rather than predictable material fact, we must come to the conclusion that astrology is quantum in nature.

Justification of the definition

Here we can say that philosophically Astrology is in accord with the uncertainty principal. Uncertainty principle, also called Heisenberg uncertainty principle or indeterminacy principle, statement, articulated (1927) by the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, that the position and the velocity of an object cannot both be measured exactly, at the same time, even in theory.

That is that astrology cannot measure out the exact nature of the objects (the subject which the chart defines) and their end results exactly at the same time. We can speak to probabilities, and those probabilities yield satisfying results. (given the astrologer is sufficiently studied and careful in their approach.) Not only that, but the chart reveals to the reader what the reader looks at and nothing more. Because the chart is holographic in nature and encompasses space, time, light, object and subject, when viewing it, one will always be missing details. For this reason, we as astrologers, must always remain humble to the fact that our minds can never comprehend all the variables available for delineation in a single moment of reading a chart. Instead we are led by our minds, or the clients minds down certain patterns of perception and make our judgements the best we can based on our habits and the client’s habits.

Habits can be defined by our school of astrology both past and present. Observed past occurrences for the subject of the chart. Habits of our own life experiences. And habits based on our own philosophical takes on life.

The Quantum glue

The definition of Quantum is as follows: a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents. The chart, or moment of the chart, or native the chart represents is exactly that. It is a potential of energy that is going to assume different forms and radiate different energetic impulses into the world based on the parameters of the chart.

The native is quantum potential, and the birthchart describes that potential and predicts probable but uncertain outcomes. Thus, astrology is a quantum science.

To be continued….

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