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Meditation upon Saturn

Saturn as a planet represents both truth and deceit in an astrology chart, contemplating it shows the a path to better self knowledge.

Virtue of the stars.

A little theory There is a duality inherent in astrology. Good and Bad. Or as we astrologers like to say, benefic and malefic. Astrology twitter recently had a field day and grand debate over whether it is appropriate to use the terms benefic and malefic in modern astrology. Of course the traditionalist love using the […]

Putting the Moon to work.

Bringing your myth to light In the last post we explored how the Moon can be used to illuminate different areas of your life as it travels through the astrological houses throughout the month. It is like a great coloring book you get to open every month. Your month is your art, and the moon […]

Saturn in Capricorn~ work on yourself.

As Saturn eases into Capricorn we astrologers have a sense of foreboding. This is not particularly because Saturn in Capricorn is a difficult placement. Saturn in Capricorn can be a difficult placement if it is in a challenging house in your astrology chart (the 6th, 12th, or 8th.) or if you were born at night. […]

Astrology and the Elements

When looking over a natal astrology chart, it is easy to become overwhelmed and confused by the amount of information that it provides. One way of quickly gaining immediately useful information from your astrology chart is to look at the elements. The elements in western astrology are based upon Greek philosophy and divided into four […]