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As Saturn eases into Capricorn we astrologers have a sense of foreboding. This is not particularly because Saturn in Capricorn is a difficult placement. Saturn in Capricorn can be a difficult placement if it is in a challenging house in your astrology chart (the 6th, 12th, or 8th.) or if you were born at night. It is more though, that Saturn is a testimony to where you need to do some work in your life.  Beneath the stone of Saturn lay the hidden things that are holes in our self image. The Anima Mundi uses Saturn to move us forward out of habits that do not serve the motions of time.

Certainly with Saturn in Capricorn on a Mundane level in the United States there are things to dread. The economy stumbles historically during Saturn in Capricorn. Think 1929-1932, 1959-1962, 1988-91. I think this is not the dread of Saturn moving into Capricorn though. The Saturn return holds spot three behind the Sun Sign and Mercury Retrograde in terms of the most well known astrology phenomena. And no one liked their first Saturn Return. It was when the childhood of the twenties became the adult of society. Suddenly the burdens were real and responsibility was born. So we, students of astrology, have an emotional discomfort with Saturn. Saturn is responsibility.

Saturn in Capricorn is more about responsibility than any other planetary placement. Capricorn is the 10th house in the Axis Mundi chart, it is the place of mature responsibility. They say that Capricorns are born with wisdom and a sense of duty. What is this wisdom and sense of duty towards? it is towards maturity. What is maturity in a body that is born, grows old and dies? Is maturity about the body or is it about the soul. When we speak of Saturn I would like to propose it is the mythic philosopher’s stone. Black in nature and square in shape and measure. Saturn is the hammer of the stone mason, the measure by which we hammer our soul into a wise being as we travel through the mortal coil.

This is why I would propose that Saturn in Capricorn is a very practical time for working on ourselves. What ever challenges lay ahead, it is a time to take stock, consider our own flaws, and work towards being better humans for everyone. The placement of Capricorn in the chart shows where that intention can be personally focused in the next two years.

Here is a brief run down for your viewing pleasure.

1st. work on good body habits and personality habits

2nd work on good financial habits

3rd work on good communication habits

4th work on good home habits

5th work on good leisure habits

6th work on good health habits

7th work on good relationship habits

8th work on good responsibility habits for others

9th work on good habits of learning and increasing the scope of your understanding of the world

10th work on good professional habits

11th work on good community habits

12th work on good habits of mind and psychology.

These can all be worked on, but these are simple suggestions of areas of focus based on which sign Capricorn and thus Saturn has its ownership of over the next few years. There is more than enough here for all casual astrologers to spend some time and thought in the implications of. If you would like to discuss it more personally, I offer readings and we can focus on the implications of Saturn in your chart.


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