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The chart ruler is like a chariot that can  help you accomplish your goals in life. Here it is also a symbol of the sun.
Let the ruler of your chart be your chariot in life.

This planet is known by numerous names, configured, and calculated by varied methods, studied by countless astrologers, the Chart Ruler is said to be the key to unlocking your fortune within your astrology chart.

The chart ruler is said to be the planet with the greatest dignity in the chart. It is the planet that holds the greatest sway over the course of your life and determines more than any other planet what your impetus is to be

Greek astrology is divided into three possibilities chart rulers, each having its own specific purpose, the Predominator, the Oikodespotes, or the Kurios. Using those three is a very subtle doctrine of yoga and one that deserves its own study, which may have been an aspect of mystery schools’ education for soul transformation. Here we will focus on a simpler method.

Latin, the chart ruler is known by different names according to the astrologer or translator. One is the Almutin Figuris, meaning the Figure of the Almuten (or victor). Ibn Ezra called it the Ruler of the Chart. Guido Bonatti called it the Almudebit. The method for finding this planet is quite complex. I prefer to use Ibn Ezra’s chart ruler for the exercise I will explain below.

To Find the Ruler of the Chart

To find the Almutin Figuris according to Ibn Ezra’s technique first find the positions of the following in your astrology chart:

Then you will need to add the dignity scores for all of these together. I use the Egyptian Dignities. You can do this in Astro Seek, as well as with Astro Gold, Solar Fire or numerous other astrology programs.

Here is an example of a Dignity table.

A Dignity Chart

Here is an example of the Syzygy from AstroGold. Syzygy is the point of the Full Moon or New Moon before you were born. In the following chart, it is the New Moon at 27º Leo.

When adding the points, the method is that Face gets 1 point, Term gets. 2 points, Triplicity gets 3 points, Exaltation gets 4 points, and Rulership gets 5 points. Detriment and Fall will get 0 points. You do not score the outer planets, meaning only Sun through Saturn will be included in the rulership scheme.

For example then, In the following chart Venus will get 7 points from the Moon, 3 points from the Sun, 3 points from the Ascendant, 9 points from the Part of Fortune, and 0 points from the Syzygy. That will give it 23 total points. 7 + 3 + 3 + 9 = 22.

So, for the chart seen here, if you add up all the points you get the following:

Now we have to add points for where the location of each natal planet is according to its angularity and house location. They are as follows:

After adding this then we get the following for the above charts point system

Moon = 0 + 11 = 11
Sun = 9 + 5 = 14
Mercury = 14 + 5 = 19
Venus = 22 + 5 = 27
Mars = 7 + 6 = 13
Jupiter = 7 + 8 = 15
Saturn = 13 + 1 = 14

Finally, we also look to see if a Planet is the ruler of the Day or Hour. The planet will get 7 points if it is the ruler of the day and 6 points if it is the ruler of the night. The previous chart gives 6 points to Mercury for being the ruler of the Day of Mercury and 6 points to Saturn for being the ruler of the Hour.

After adding all of this we get the following:

Moon = 11
Sun = 5
Mercury = 19 + 7 = 26
Venus = 27
Mars = 13
Jupiter = 15
Saturn = 14 + 6 = 20

Thus Venus will be the Almuten Figuris as it has scored the most points in the system of calculation.

This is the Venus fresco at the Versailles.
The Venus room at the Versailles.

The value of the chart ruler

What is the value of finding this one may ask? It is the planet that rules one’s life or mystically one’s soul. The ruler is considered to hold sway and help determine whether you will live long and be healthy. Or, on the other hand, have a not healthy life with a number of challenges. It is used to determine fate within your life and describes your fate.

We are no longer in a society that is fatalistic in the same way as the writers of classical astrology. Also, modern medicine can give people a longer life and more vitality than they would usually have. We also are far more concerned with our own success and accomplishments than people in the past used to be. The Aeon has shifted, and we are moving out of a mass-minded faith-based experience indicated by Pisces into a self-identified humanitarian nature indicated that marks the Age of Aquarius.

We must evaluate the chart ruler and its needs with fresh eyes. We need to see new or perhaps ancient values other than figuring out one’s fate. In this vein, perhaps we can use it to help find meaning and richness in our lives. Then its value will be based on how it helps the native feel fulfilled, accomplish life goals and wishes, and give us personal mythological meaning. The chart ruler is capable of doing such.

Venus is the chart ruler.

If Venus is the Almuten Figuris, one would enrich one’s life by exploring the themes of Venus. One may also supplicate a Venusian deity or form of deity. One would pay attention to the transits, planetary periods, and cycles of Venus to gain an understanding of when to act and how to act. Knowing this can help you understand what a client’s motivations are as well. A Venus Almuten Figuris would be enriched by the arts, sensuality, food, eroticism, performances etc. Basically all things Venus. For example, the native whose chart is above is a poet who delights in writing erotic poetry. An astute observer would notice that Venus is the Almutin Figuris, but Mercury comes in a close second. Likewise they suffer a perpetual longing for the feminine that has been deterministic in their life path. This makes sense given their Almuten Figuris is Venus. At first glance, their chart might indicate Mercury or Saturn having more of a say in how their life plays out, but once the Almuten Figuris has been calculated, one can see it is the ship guiding the natives soul.

When speaking of using the Almuten Figuris to relate to deity or soul, I am not proposing a theistic view. Although if you lean this way by all means why not. What I am proposing is that studying the planet, its associated mythology, and archetypes will give you insight into what you find meaningful and fulfilling in life. This can be embodied as a visual with a specific deity or saint.

My take on the chart ruler

First, I would like to propose that the Chart Ruler can easily be used to determine qualitative experiences in your day. Look at the transits to your chart ruler by the Moon, the Sun, and Mercury as well as other planets. Watch how you perform and what activities you do during the day ruled by your chart ruler. Watch activities and your mental state during the hour ruled by that planet.

To gain boons invoke that chart ruler in your life. Watch how you respond to it and it responds to you. It reveals deeply hidden talents in your life and qualities that you give to the world, your country, your employment, and your family.

For instance, if the ruler of the chart is in transit aspect to Neptune, you might experience a delay in feeling the implications of your actions during that time. It is a time for you to dream up new courses in life, but not to expect great accomplishments. You would experience this despite Neptune not aspecting your ascendant, Sun, Moon, as indicators of your general psychological condition.

The Ruler of the chart affects your outlook and experience of life. The ruler is an indicator of how your mind is constructed in this life summed up by a single planet. Knowing it is this, you can begin to explore how it frees you from the challenges you experience in life. Even if the chart ruler is challenged by its native condition, it is still true. The challenges, be they through detriment, improper sect, aspects to malefics, or poor house placements, are transformative indicators for the paths to pursue to thrive in your life.

I have a worksheet available for tracking the chart ruler in your life and am happy to help you find it by the technique of Ibn Ezra. Connect with me on Twitter and I will send you your chart ruler for free. Let me help you launch into studying how your chart ruler manifests in your life.

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