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jello-pudding-pops-bill-cosbyBill Cosby, you comedic childhood icon, what is this we hear about you! In private, away from the publicity, you are suddenly having your sexual morality questioned! Are you a serial rapist? Did you decide no meant yes? Did those ladies…those ladies really say no? Did they say no in a way you could not hear or respect? Countless fans of your humor are baffled and asking questions, you are falling, falling at the end of your life. Your show was just cancelled. 13 ladies have come forward saying you took them as property not as human beings with emotions and feelings and the wish to be respected. Hmmm…this sounds like a case of MARS. A run away Mars. Let us take a look at the chart.
Bill Cosby
Aries Ascendant, ruled by Mars. Check. This man is a strong Mars figure. But what can we tell about that Mars? We can see that it is in Scorpio where it is in traditional rulership. That means it gets what it wants, is driven to get what it desires. What does it desire, it desires Scorpio things, sex, deep emotional experiences, power over others. Where does it desire this, in the eighth house, that which belongs to others. There may be an argument here for the eighth house to represent sex. Modern astrologers say that, but traditional astrologers tend to associate sex with the fifth house, the house of enjoyment. Hmmm….the 8th is the house of the little death, that comes from Freud, orgasm is a little death. In one interview with a victim, she said he got her drunk and gave her a pill. She woke up with her last memory of him being on top of her. That is perhaps a little more 8th house than 5th house, don’t you think.

Bill actually has an amazing chart. He has Jupiter in the 10th, Saturn in the 1st and Sun and Mercury in the 4th. That is four major planets on the angles. This gives a lot of power to the native, Jupiter in the 10th likes to bestow fame. Saturn in the first is ruled by this lusty Mars that gets what it wants. When Saturn is involved things are without question. Bonatti says that those who have Saturn in Aries are going to have a hard heart, little compassion and little pitty. A lack of ability to empathize with others sufferings or feelings. We can see this as perhaps part of Mr. Cosby’s problem. His sexual lust did not have the capacity to empathize with the feelings of the women it was directed at. They became objects for his will rather beings with their own valid souls in his eyes.

His Jupiter in Capricorn is what endeared him to the public as a father figure! It also gives him fame, and Jupiter rules joy and the 10th is what is in the public so we as the public saw him as a happy guy enjoying the jello pudding delights of the world. We did not know of his darker side. That Jupiter in the 10th is in fall though, A planet on the midheaven in fall and retrograde is going to create a career wipeout eventually. Jupiter rules the 12th. The 12th is hidden things, so any good astrologer is going to know that there are hidden things about his career, and those things will be revealed, and be the cause of the downfall. Jupiter also rules the 9th, those hidden things will be associated with his travels, Also we can say that he is in conflict with his own faith. Jupiter in Capricorn always has a little conflict going on, this is because it is seeking enjoyment through domination. Jupiter does not want to dominate, it wants to have faith that everything will turn out alright so its as conflicted as wanting some fish but refusing to get wet.

So when. when are we going to hear about all this dirty on Bill Cosby. Well, this year it happens that directed Uranus is conjoining his native Pluto in the Fourth house. Pluto is the hidden things, and Uranus is the upheaval. That is one clear sign for this year, but it is not very personal, so I want more. Ah! Pluto is transiting in conjunction to his mid-heaven. Remember Pluto is ones hidden things, and the Midheaven is the making of all public. Hidden things are made public in Cosby’s life right now. Oh, here is another, Saturn is conjunct his Mars this year. Thus he is learning hard lessons in relationship to his Mars and its rulership of his personality.

Yes, I think this man did take advantage through his will, of his fame, and his lack of empathy, to have sex with as many women as he could, whether they wanted it or not. No, I do not think he regrets it.

Sorry Bill Cosby, in the court of astrology, your story is clearly written, and lacking a good astrologer you were not for warned to cultivate empathy, and to be careful that you did not hurt others in your actions.

Do you want to know your pitfalls, what you should consciously watch out for in your chart? We all have our shadow and Astrology can be one of the most gentle ways of pulling them out into the light of day. Order a reading, and during this darkest time of a year, bring some light to your chart.

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