maximize your luck with astrology.

Do you want to win at the casino using astrology? The subject of whether you can or not is very complex and would require a good deal of study to fully understand. However, I have experimented with a few methods and would like to share them. First a disclaimer, by no means am I encouraging anyone to gamble beyond their means, or think they can do better than the house by using astrology. With that out of the way, my preferred games are blackjack and roulette when I am at a casino. Applying astrological principles has helped me not leave a casino with a loss in over 10 years. I am only doing it casually though, and not wagering substantial amounts of cash in testing these methods. I would suggest if you want to do that, you are on your own and better do some good research first.

The first method that I employ which is really simple involves knowing your own birthchart. Well, all the methods do. This is because you are timing your luck, not the world’s, the casino’s, or the mundane luck. To time your luck, you have to know your chart. Email me if you want to know your chart and which planets are lucky. Or, if you wish to pursue the study of astrology, here are some basic key points.

Ok. With that out of the way, the first technique is very simple and for me it works. It uses the Planetary hours. So it gets a little complicated and this is by far the easiest method. We have Planetary hours and Planetary days. You can get an app for your phone which communicates them to you. I recommend “Hours, a planetary hours calculator” it is on the Itunes store. I don’t know if it is on google play.

Next thing to do is look for if it is the hour of the Ruler of your 5th, a planet in your 5th, the ruler of your 2nd or a planet in your second. Now if it is the day and hour of one of those planets, you’e in pretty good shape. UNLESS! that planet is being aspected by a transit from a malefic (such as Saturn, but especially Mars), or being aspected by square or opposition from a planet ruling the 8th, 7th, or 10th in your Natal chart. Likewise a Benefic (Such as Jupiter or Venus) conjunct or trine the ruler of your 2nd or 5th is going to be very helpful.

It is my experience on Roulette and Blackjack that if you play the table smart, not be too aggressive, and stick to this rule, you will walk away with more money than you left. This is the simplest technique, You can add more techniques to fine tune results and even maximize luck, but doing so the acceptable time periods of play start dwindling down to a few times a year. For instance, Jupiter in dignity in the 8th being overcome by the ruler of your 2nd can have spectacular results. I will post again with the theories of these more advanced techniques .

Play around, let me know what you think, and if you do gamble, gamble safely and have fun.

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      1. Hello. Please tell me what to do if the ruler of 5 and 8 is Mercury, and the ruler of 2 and 10 is Jupiter))) And what system of houses do you use? Thanks.

        1. Hi Andrey, I use Whole Signs House System. I would need to know the condition of Jupiter and Mercury, for your luck would be tremendously different if say Mercury was in Aries squared Saturn and Jupiter was in Capricorn than if Mercury was in Virgo Trine Jupiter in Taurus for example. If the Ruler of the 5th is in aspect to Saturn you should stick to a money management system, of this, I can assure everyone.

  1. I am a little confused as when I read birth charts for my family members, they do not have planets in the 2nd or 5th houses, what applies to them? Thanks for this reference!

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