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As we discussed before Mars and Venus together are a great creative energy. They are together again, so how to work with that. Well, we have to look at how they are together this month.

Mars and Venus are conjoining today in Scorpio. This is the 2nd of a 3 part dance the two are doing in the sky. This time Mars has the upper hand, revitalized and energized in Scorpio. He takes the lead in the dance. When we talk of Mars with dignity, which he has in Scorpio, because he rules the land of Scorpio, we talk about invincible courage, force, and abundant energy, seeking victory in all things, and prudent behavior. Think of a fierce and noble general willing to speak his mind under all circumstances.

Venus is now in its detriment in Scorpio. Here Venus does not behave well, Venus likes to love, to be sensual, to be soft. The place of Mars is one of enthusiastic energy and combat. So Venus is down on her luck, the next month is not going to be about sensual enjoyment, it is going to be about where can you apply energy and vigor into your life to create the creative results you are seeking.

The where is answered by your own birthchart. Where is your natal Mars, that is where. What houses does your natal mars rule, that is where. Look to those places to find where your energy and vigor will pay off with dynamic positive change.

Now look to where Venus is for where your going to have a rough spot, that is the spot that needs to be put into service to Mars’s goals at this time.

Best of luck during this time of radical energy.

As you can see in the photo, Mars is on top this month.

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  1. From experience, livnig and being basically best friends w an Aries and currently dating a Scorpio.The Aries is more restless and active. He’s always on the go, charging forward, just doing what needs to be done. But he doesnt really think about what he’s doing. He’s lean.The Scorpio is more passionate, intense and has more of a muscle/bulk frame. He does things v intricately and much more thoroughly than the Aries, who rushes everything. He pays more attention to detail and what’s going on.

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