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Happy New Year!

The water dragon year starts on January 23rd this year. There is always a great deal of excitement when the water dragon years arrive. This must be for good reason, for it is a Dragon that is arriving. The Dragon years in general are known for the excitement and the unexpected. The Dragon itself is symbolized holding a powerful ball of chi, surrounded by storm clouds, rain, and thunder. Folk lore throughout the world, and especially in Asia, had Dragons being responsible for thunder, rain and storms. It was the dragons themselves making the sound of thunder when they roared, the lightning in the storms, was the fire and energy they were spitting out of their mouths.

So the dragon years are associated with power, thunder, the unexpected, quickly changing events, sudden reversals of fortune, and accumulations of wealth. In all cultures dragons were horders of wealth, so we can look forward to a year when there is the ability to grow wealth again. Unlike the playful and dispersing rabbit, who is beneficent and fun loving, the Dragon is serious. This year we will all be experiencing sudden turns of events and dramatic life changes. It is the will of the Dragon. Let’s look deeper though, for its not just the Dragon, it’s a Water Dragon.

Now the last two years of the 60 year cycle have been clashes. Last year was Wood Metal, which clash, this year, is Water Dragon, Dragon is the Earth element with the storage of Water in it. So although it seems Water and Earth Clash, they do not, the Earth is storing the Water. That indicates that there is more harmony this year. There will be less combat and upheavel and more accumulation of resources and power and displays of that power. For instance it was in the last Water Dragon year that the Unites States started pushing its nuclear weapon program and England announced that it had the Nuclear Bomb.  Also at this time though the Korean war wound down. The fierceness of the dragon does not equate to war.

It does equate to earthquakes though. It is a folk belief that Dragon movements in the earth cause earthquakes. It can be noted that the last  Water Dragon year was the year of the Kamtchaka Earthquake, which caused the last major tidal wave to strike the American coast line. Also, the greatest earthquake ever recorded, a 9.2 occurred during a dragon year. So keep it stable this year with your good thoughts and aspiration! Also, the stored water of the Dragon, when released can come out as floods, or even hurricanes. We could see a strong Hurricane season this year, as the Dragon releases it waters.

This brings it back to our own lives. During Dragon years, there is a dynamic, pulsating, and powerful capacity for us to change the direction of our lives permanently for the good. It is a year when if you strive and accomplish. This is true for all activities associated with the elements of Water, Wood, and Earth. Thus it is a good time to grow businesses (earth), engage in spiritual pursuits and the study of psychology (water) , have children and families (wood). As a few examples.

For those born during the Years of the Dragon and Dog, the Dragon energy can cause difficulties. The folk remedy for this is The Rooster who harmonizes the Dragons energy. If you are such a person, it is good to have roosters around this year!

I have a final word of advice for you for the Dragon Year. During this year dragons are very powerful. In all you do, be respectful to dragons, take care of them, and never, ever doubt there existence! This year they are very powerful, and quite willing to show you how the force known as the “dragon” is capable of doing good and bad in your life. You want them on your side!

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