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Kitsune Dog Spirit brings wealth and good fortune to you this year.

2018 Year of the Earth Dog

This is the year of the Earth Dog in the Chinese Zodiac of sixty-year cycles. Earth Dog is a double earth element, which is helps to create stability. Dogs are loyal and protective. The Earth Dog is a stable dog, who is patient and not quick to bark. This year loyalty will be rewarded, and one should remain dutiful to what one has. There is a great deal of friendship that can be found during dog years and one should be sure to work for others and enjoy meals that are about good companionship.

One quality of the Dog year is protection. Dogs are fierce protectors; this protection comes of course from their love. What they love, they really feel is worth putting their hearts and bodies on the line for. As you experience the year of the dog, what is it that you are protecting. Sometimes the dog will bark into the night, thinking it is protecting the home and family, but it is just barking into the night at something that is imagining. Be sure this year that you protect what is of value in your life but do not waste energy barking at the shadows of the night.

When it comes to politics and scuffles with friends this year, we should remember how dogs really like to bark. There will probably be a lot of barking this year, with out much biting. Caged dogs bark a lot. Dogs like to bark at imagined things during the night. Trump is like a caged dog, he will probably bark a good deal over the next year, maybe he will be barking at North Korea. It is hard for me to see war coming during a year of the dog. There is to much barking, and the leashes are probably strong.

The dog is man’s best friend. This shows the total loyalty a dog has. What is it that you will be loyal to this year. Who will you be loyal to. A dog’s loyalty is one of deep forgiveness. Forgiveness is a quality of tremendous benefit. It creates good heart to forgive others for what they have done and allows us to find that seeming innocence and care that dogs have. We should all aspire to be forgiving and loyal like dogs.

Dogs love community. They are pack animals after all. Therefore, this year is a great year for community. Dogs like calling out to one another. This is a momentous year to get in touch with people who you have long forgotten but were important to you. It is also a good year for music. The music this year should be appealing and enjoyable with catchy tunes. Dogs also like to run in packs. This is a great year to go on trips in groups. The atmosphere for pack travels will be very fun and enjoyable with good cheer and laughter. We are coming out of a Rooster year, where someone was always trying to be dominating. Dogs are not into dominating as much as having fun. Sure, there is always an alpha dog, but often they just want to have fun to.

What kind of dog are we dealing with this year?

We are dealing with an earth dog. Earth energy is not quick moving. It is lazy and slow. Earth dog likes to lay around on a sizzling summer day down by the river. During earth years foundations are laid that make changes for the long term. Since the dog is ruled by the element earth, then it is a double earth year. This provides a lot of stability. Earth produces metal, so it is a good year to invest in metal. Metal is considered intellectual thinking, this year is an excellent time to put your thoughts to paper, blog, or Facebook and lay out a case for the vision of what you think the world should be or should become. Because the dog is a guide, it is your year to be a guide to your community and the world at large. Be the guide dog.

The hidden elements in the sign of the dog are Yin metal and Yin Fire. This means that there will be a lot of hidden aggression this year. Do not let this challenge your loyalty. Remember when you have disagreements with people, just like dogs who have a little fight here and there, to cool down with some refreshing water and go back to playing. Just take a breather. With yin fire and yin metal being hidden, illnesses of heat and flu illnesses will be strong. Take care to balance these elements by drinking green tea which is cooling and not eating strong chili this year. Their will be a tendency to run to hot and dry.

A very interesting discovery already as we enter the double earth year of the dog is the finding of an old treasure. A city of 10 million people that existed in the Yucatan during the 10th century. The hidden dog has revealed an earth treasure already. You can read about it here: Mayan City. There will be more hidden treasures revealed, perhaps you can reveal a treasure. Like I said, write, paint and sing this year. Dig for treasure too.

Since double earth absorbs water look for a dry summer and dry year. If there are floods they will be accompanied by mudslides. Hurricane season should be mild here in the states, but there is likely to be a large earthquake this year.

So what to do?

Sing like a Dog at night. Sleep like a dog during the day. Eat like a dog for dinner, and drink like a dog when you are thirsty. Play like a dog with your friends, and bark like a dog if you get in a fight. But do not bite anyone and have a Happy Lunar New Year!

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