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Xi Jinping has become a true world leader. It is easy for me to comment on Donald Trump’s chart, because I hear what he and others think of him every day. I thus have an American bias to thinking I understand him and his motives. We are now living in a plural world though, and the US under Trump is ceding power to other nations. I thought it would be important to examine the charts of the world leaders who are going to fill the space left.
First, I will look at Xi Jinping of China. A common question asked about a Chinese premier is, “are they a reformer.” The answer is not so easy as it seems. Currently China has a population of 1.371 billion people. The primary concern of any Chinese leader is keeping the people happy and well fed. Xi’s birthtime is not public domain knowledge, but I have it from a friend who is a Chinese astrologer that he was born between 11 am and 1 pm. So, I will roughly guess his house structure from that. This is by no means definitive. As the generic noon time has the ascendant conjunct “Denobla” which is to “against society” he was certainly not born at noon.
If I take his birthtime as 11:14 then the would have a 12 degree Ascendant. Using solar arc direction, Mercury would conjunct his Ascendant during the year 2013 if he has a 12 degree virgo rising Ascendant. This was the year he became premier. I will go with the assumption that his birth time is 11:14 am. Again, this is not definitive, but it makes a whole lot of sense with a quick read.
The planetary and house placements
His rising sign would be Virgo, and his Midheaven would be in Gemini. This puts his sun and Jupiter in the midheaven, this position of power would be a factor in giving the chart the strength to rule such vast numbers of humans. It would be reinforced by Jupiter conjunct the glorious star Alderban which bestows success through integrity.
Mars and Mercury are in Cancer in the 11th. Neither of those planets are particularly happy there, and Mars, being out of sect and in fall will be problematic and vulnerable to difficult transits, progressions, directions, or planetary periods. He better watch the PLA and their generals, they do not have his back if push comes to shove. It is interesting that the Mars in Cancer may be honored by his wife being a general in PLA.
The Moon is conjunct the South Node in Leo in the 12th. This also is not a good placement, given that the moon rules the “people”. This would also denote that he is probably controlled emotionally by his wife, although this is not seen in public. It is common for afflicted moons in the 12th to produce addiction.
As to our original question, is he a reformer, we have contradictory evidence. Mercury conjunct Uranus, ruling the midheaven and ascendant would say yes. But Moon in Leo conjunct the south node in the 12th emphasizes a desire to serve the institutions that rules over the people and a need to emotional maintain control. I would say the answer is mixed and depends upon which period is active in his life. Like Donald Trump, the man is mercurial. He displays different sides depending upon the astrological considerations his soul is under at any given time.
Saturn in Libra is in the second house, giving Xi a really good capacity to steer the Chinese economy. While all world economies are difficult and fraught to manage, Xi so far has shown an adroit capacity in this area. He has ensured a fairly steady economy despite the upheavals in the world during his term.
Venus is in great dignity in his ninth, this gives Xi tremendous opportunity to make deals with foreign powers. He may have a hidden religious side that is guiding him. I would guess it is a form of Buddhism and a devotion to Quan Yin by the placement of dignity of Venus. I have heard his family is into Taoist magic but can not verify this.
The nuts and bolts
Here is the Xi I see in this chart. He has a mastery of finances and working with foreign countries to further the Chinese nation and people. He is very lucky with a strong Jupiter placement that has propelled his career. Yet he is vulnerable to domestic intrigue, power struggles, and upheaval.
Having done a brief introduction to Xi Jinping’s western chart, and its basic implications, my next post will be on the transits, progressions, planetary periods, and directions of Xi’s life, and what they may foretell of his future.

The Chart of Xi Jiping

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