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We all must dance skillfully with Jupiter and Saturn

When Jupiter and Saturn dance life expands and contracts.There is a rumor that Saturn is feminine. We all are surrounded by classical images of Saturn being an old man, perhaps holding a scythe. The scythe is symbolic of the harvest. The harvest is the end of things. Saturn implies a limit, an edge, a boundary or a wall. What you can not go beyond.

Jupiter is a big man. Mirthful and grand. He is ever celebrating and ever hopeful in the experience that life is good and beneficent. The large gas body is expansive, and expanses whatever it touches. He holds a thunderbolt in one hand, Mundane Jupiter events often involve a storms.

When Jupiter and Saturn dance we are looking at themes of limits and contraction. If the aspect is a conjunction, it is the begenning of a new expansion that comes from a solid foundation. If it is a square, it limitation which propels growth. If the two planets are in aspect by opposition, the experience is of the alternation of expansion and contraction.

For instance, if we look at the chart of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s chart we find a Jupiter Saturn Opposition. Her Jupiter is at 10 cancer her Saturn at 8 Capricorn. Whatever your view of her politically, her ideas are expansive, and constantly met by resistance and moderation. The news cycle about her doles out expansive ideas and the crashes with old men saying it is unreasonable and not possible.

With her Jupiter in Cancer, she is expansive in wanted to care for women, children, and nurture the down trodden. Interestingly this placement is in the eighth where it concerns others resources. With her Saturn in Capricorn she is met by a conservative older resistance. There are those who say this is the old white protestant land owning class of the United States. We find the Saturn in her second house, concerning resources that belong to us. Thus she becomes a public shadow, or image, on the wall of a cave, where we project the archetype of our resources vs. their resources. Where we debate as a populace and within ourselves is it more valuable to give generously or should we limit our expenditures and conserve them for ourselves.

The practical and effective result will be the changes she can wrought out of our political system, with its cacophony of different voices that we call the American Public, while be endearing and far reaching changes. This is because they will be won by hard fought long battles that will carry on for decades. Her path lay in a hard fought battle from which she receives on going push back.

In contrast we find Donald Trump who has Saturn and Cancer and Jupiter in Libra. This is a square configuration and marks a changing situation. The hallmark of a square is it is an energy that will always be in flux. It denotes a time where the old and the new are in dialogue. His Saturn in Cancer is in the 12th house and represents the conservative principle as a hidden enemy and piece of resistance. It is with a sense of humor that we observe although he leads the conservative republican party, it is really americas conservative desire to not change too quickly that is really limiting his desire to expand and remake America. Bruno Macaes points out that Trump wishes to make the American government system not more like Russia, rather more like China or Singapore. But the American Public is highly resistant.

While no fan of Trumps, one can argue that in the face of upcoming catastrophic climate change, a strong leader who can override the slow mechanism of a democratic republic may prove necessary. To me this points out how the planets act when they put public figures into the human timeline to create meaningful changes of the arc of history.

The Saturn Jupiter dance has been used to track the arc of history in Mundane Astrology. The reason for this is speculated on, with the most common being the last two visible planets with the naked eye, and one moving at 12 years around the sacred ecliptic, and the other moving at 28 years around the eternal zodiac, their cycle is slow enough to have a historical perspective.

I would offer a more philisophical theory though. I take Saturn to be emptiness, as it is the gateway between the inner visible world the vast emptiness of eternity. Jupiter as Form, as it is the gateway of the vast emptiness of space to the world of ever blissful form. Since Saturn is emptiness and Jupiter is form then there interchange is the dance of form and emptiness. What is time other than the constant changing nature and shape of form and emptiness.

Regardless of which way one wants to view it, or what theories one wants to apply, whether new philosophical takes or ancient words written by dust in societies barely remembered by time and archaeology, the great chronocator of humanity is the Grand Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. This occurs when the conjunction is in a new elemental Trigon. This means occurs in a new element, the four elements being earth, water, fire, and air. This occurs around every 200 years. The greatest conjunction occurs every 800 years when the two conjunct in a new element after having finished a cycle. We are closing out a 200 year cycle in the earth element and opening a 200 year cycle in an air signs. The new cycle will occur at zero degrees Aquarius on Dec 21st 2020.

Air Grand conjunctions tend to forecast social economic movement towards the humanitarian side of society. Let us talk more about that later. But to say the least we can see the dynamic outer manifestation of Jupiter and Saturn’s dance in the dynamic political conversation in America between a new and all comprehensive definition of social justice and what human rights are and an old power structure based on old bloodlines of hoarded material wealth.

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