Heart Astrology

As an astrologer I often get clients who are going through a crises. In the crises they are propelled to certain actions and seem to have little say in the outcomes of what the planets have in store for them. This brings up the question of whether we actually have control over what happens in our lives. the answer is that of course we do not. Just look at what you thought your life would be about, and what it is really about. If you had control over your life, your would probably be very wealthy, married to the most exquisite partner and happy all the time, free from sickness, and completely fulfilled. For isn’t that what we all want, to manifest our view of our own happiness.

Instead most of us are really struggling to make a dream of what we would like our life to be about manifest, while the universe keeps throwing us curve balls. Knocking us off course, and telling us that we are not what we want to be. Well what are we then, we are what we are. That is one thing that an astrology reading is for. To help us gain a better understanding of what we are, and what our actual potential is.

This is a real gift. Because if we know what our potential is, in an ordinary sense, and what we are, then we can live up to that and not worry about being something else. Think of it as having the freedom to cast of that disney prince charming dream that hollywood has sold you since your were 4 years old and actually allow yourself to be who you are in your life as it is. It is the freeing of a tremendous burden.

It is wonderful if everyone can study astrology to come to a better understanding of there place in life, to love and accept that, and then have compassion from that space. If not, it is wonderful to work with an astrologer who can help with this.

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