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brad-pitt-esquire-2-460x303Venus has moved into true and steady Capricorn. Venus the planet of lust and sensuality is in the earthy place of Capricorn. In Capricorn Venus has a little mastery since it rules all earth signs by day. Here we find that Venus benefits from the earth of Capricorn and the solididty of Capricorn which grounds out its sensual nature. Likewise Capricorn benefits from the moisture of Venus. It is a win win. This make the season rather nice for Venusian things, like little pleasures, parties, sensual love and gift giving.

Two examples of people who have Venus in Capricorn are Brad Pitt and Scarlett Johansson. For the ladies we can start with Brad Pitt. It is said of Venus in Capricorn that it can be an indication that a man will bury his wife. This is medieval lore, so take it with a grain of salt, but what it indicates is a ruthless nature of love and domination that Venus in Capricorn can have. Venus in Capricorn likes to command in the realm of its love and senses. During Brad Pitts marriage to Jennifer Anniston he said he was wasting their lives through drug use and heavy partying. It was not until he med Angela that he was able to pull himself out of heavy earthy indulgent. Even Angela Jolie was the tomb raider though! The circulation rumors are that she has a lot of difficulty staying healthy. Perhaps Venus in Capricorn is a lady killer.

Scarlett Johansson is a lady killer herself. She has a very authoritative sexuality, and was named Sexiest woman alive by esquire magazine in 2013. She plays a super hero in the Avenger series and has thus we find her sensuality is authoritative and domineering on the screen. The common theme between the two is an authoritative sensuality, which makes sense when you put the key word for Capricorn as authority with the key word for Venus, sensuality.

This season enjoy authoritative sensuality as you move around from feast to feast and gift buying to gift giving activities. Both of these celebrities draw power from having authority over there sensuality and this is the perfect time to act out that part of your whole nature, in accordance with the stars of course!


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