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world devourerWell, the defining astro event of the decade is coming upon its sixth, and final retrograde hit. This will occur on Dec. 15th. As we approach it, political and personal chaos and tension should be on the rise. This hit is Uranus in Retrograde motion, it travels faster than Pluto so is dictating the action to the hidden gateway of Hades. If you are reading this, then on some level you are probably already interested in astrology and familiar with the transit. Being a transit of outer planets, it is not really effecting people personally, unless it aspects personal planets in their chart. It is more about the movement of society. This being the sixth hit, we should really have an understanding of what this transit is doing now, we have been paying attention right!

Even though I said it does not aspect people personally, every one I know has gone a little crazy and experienced intense emotions during the previous 5 hits. I’ll just pack that in my secret little drawer…where I keep my hidden Pluto underwear thingys and move on for now. Remember that Pluto is not a planet, wow… how much more secret can Pluto get than that? Uranus really did throw Pluto for a loop in this transit. Uranus is a big bully with an electric stun wand acting like a riot police officer for the inner planets I suppose. What is this transit doing, it is causing revolutions, protests, and mass marches. It did the same thing in the early thirties the last time these two planets squared.

We have seen that riots, protests, and political upheaval are very much par for when Pluto and Uranus square. Every single hit has been accompanied by mass protests. It was the start of the Arab Spring, It was the start of the 99% marches, it was the start of the Ukraine revolution, it was some more Arab spring riots…Syria, I am looking at you. So I guess we all could have predicted that there would be more protests. This time the Moon is going to be conjunct the nodes, opposing Uranus, squaring Pluto and Venus during the exact hit. The moon rules people, it will be conjunct the North Node in Libra. People want more balance in society. Especially with the authorities that wield the power of death (that is so Pluto in Capricorn baby.) Well, yes, the protests have already started. Be careful out there folks. Because the Nodes are involved this time, there is a bit of a heavy karmic connotation to this hit.

I would suggest staying home and not joining riots or marches for now. I hope all those marchers voted, that seems to be the most acceptable form of protest to the Oligarchys. Well, This particular hit is square the 14 degree cancer rising for the 2014 US Aries Ingress chart. So it figures that the riots are in America. Remember Cancer is symbolic of the urge to protect and nurture. The debate is over whether the police are nurturing the people they are supposed to protect or not. Its a retrograde motion so do not expect any proactive changes right now. Maybe a few more police body cameras. The Moon rules cameras and video. The conjunction with the nodes is interesting. It denotes a major karmic event.

The Square does hit within a one degree orb the Saturn in the U.S. Sibley chart. Saturn in that chart rules the 2nd of finances and the 3rd of the US. Expect sudden upheavals in the economic fortune of the nation. Perhaps we will see a radical singular market crash event again. Another possibility would be a technocratic overhaul of how we think communications and money work. We are in the midst of a sea change in how commerce, money, and media are rapidly changing. Apple pay and cell phone wallets will be the norm of the land within a year. The third is infrastructure and government communications. Worse case scenario we see an explosive event against the financial or infrastructure of the United States over the next few weeks. That is the worse case. The best case is a few more protests and some government acknowledgement that the US police force needs to be demilitarized. This can also apply to the revelation through media of systematic torture perpetuated by the Bush Administration. Worse case, this becomes a new acceptable American norm. Best Case, pardon or prosecution and acknowledgement that in America, torture is a crime. Again, we are speaking of how the U.S. government communicates to its people and defines its authority over the people, not only that it rules, but the way it relates to the world. For this hit, the stakes are high for the US.

Please be well and enjoy the transformation. Stay away from the wrong side of the police riot line, Pluto and Uranus squares always imply some level of violence, and I would not want you to get hurt.

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