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I finally found the free time to look at Mitt Romeny’s birth chart and was amazed at what caught my eye immediately. Initially I just thought to look to see if he had the good fortune in transits and directions to attain the one of the most exalted positions in the world, that of the President of the United States, but seeing all the juiciness in just his natal chart, it seems this will become a multipart blog post.

First his birthtime is March 12th 1947 9:51, in Detroit, Michigan. The most striking thing right off the bat for me is Mercury, Sun, and Mars occupying Pisces. Pisces is a very ephemeral sign. Mercury is not happy in Pisces and with Pisces being associated with the feet can really be called the “foot in mouth” placement of the that lovable planet of speech. Since Mercury and Mars are conjunct in the Pisces, we can see that Mr. Romney is not prone to thinking before speaking, and that does get him into trouble. As the campaign heats up look for him to say some politically incorrect things over and over. It is not that he necessarily means them, but they just come out of the mouth.
With the Sun, Mercury, Mars combo in Pisces he also does not have solid internal direction. This is becoming symbolized by the etch a sketch. It is not saying that he does not have a good heart, or that he does not mean well, but like all heavily Piscean charts it is very difficult for him to know a clear and precise course of action. We can thus say he relies on his advisors.
He was born with a Part of Fortune on the Midheaven, in aspect to its ruler. This is a very wealthy chart. The Part of Fortune on any angle gives greatly to the native, especially on the asc. or Midheaven. It does this even more so if in aspect to its ruler. Who is its ruler? Its ruler is Saturn, the father, in the fourth, the place of the father. Mitt Romeny made his own fortune? Hah. His fortune came from his Father and the business opportunities his father gave him.
Saturn is in Leo though, its fall, thus we can consider that his father and families traditions are a source of difficulty for Mitt Romney. They are alternative to what the mainstream of society looks for. That is ok though, for he is fortunate to have Moon and Jupiter exactly conjunct, meaning that he is emotionally positive and has a generally positive emotional outlook. You know that overly happy smile he is always wearing….well its real.
Mars is on the bends of the Nodes making him a warrior. If he were to be President, with no doubt America would see an increase in its war expression. He likes to conquer, this might be part of what drives his success. I would not be hesitant to say that he has a bit of cruelty hidden in his private life. But as with all wealthy public figures, chances are we will not ever hear about that.
There are 5 major planets in water signs, this further reinforces his elusiveness and ability to flow into any mold that fits. This is all for your consideration. Later this week, let us look at his fortune for the year! Does he have enough favor of the gods to make it to the pinnacle of the American Political game?

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  1. His part of Faith17 Virgo and Part of Spirit 24 Virgo are both in the sign of the Virgin, so I would not say he doesn’t have moral convictions about what is right and wrong in personal behavior in a virginal purity way. With so much water though, he can be swayed very easily on his views by the people who surround him. With Mercury in fall though, it is certain that he has had “weak moments” but it is unlikely we will ever hear about them.

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