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This is courtesy of Lama Dawa Rinpoche.
The “Rishi” Stars – Sept. 9.-15. September 2016
According to Tibetan and Vedic astrology, there are a cluster of seven stars, called the ‘Rishi’ stars, that ‘appear’ once a year – usually in Sept. This year (according to Tibetan astrology) the Rishi stars will be ‘out’ from 9.-15. September.
Lama Dawa Rinpoche says that, according to Hindu legend, these stars (called Sapta Rishi – the seven Rishis) were once great sages of the past, who, upon their death, raised up into the heavens and became these stars. When they are visible in the night sky, their light is said to possess special healing powers that transform all water into a healing nectar. Typically, Tibetan doctors and healers would place buckets of water outside during this time, then use this water for making their medicines. Lama Dawa remembers how His Holiness Matrul Rinpcoche – a great Tibetan physician – would then boil this water down, thus concentrating it, then use this water to make the herbal medicinal pills, and also to consecrate the water with healing mantras.
Another way of benefiting from this healing water is to bathe in pools, ponds or rivers during this time. Or, collect water in buckets and use that for bathing. Any water – whether it is ocean, river, stream, or water in pools, is imbued with the healing qualities of the stars. This water can be used to make healing tinctures, or for giving to pets and plants. Even the water in our own bodies can be ‘blessed’ and purified by this special healing energy by exposing your body to the night sky when the stars are out. It is a particularly auspicious time to do practices such as the Vajra Armor mantra, which is used to consecrate water, or Medicine Buddha mantras and offering pujas.

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