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What is Donald Trumps Astrology.
Mr. Trump is now set to run for President of the United States and in order to curry favor with the Republican right is talking like a Birther. This has paid off well for astrologers as Mr. Trump has now released his birth certificate, and we can see what is it that makes him tick.

This is a quick analysis for your enjoyment and edification. First note the Leo Rising which is Conjunct Mars. This is the brash head strong personality marker. Driven by Mars he is completely ruthless in accomplish his goals. The Ascendent is the “I” in the chart, and his is ruled by Leo, so it is very “I”. Mars here means he will kill, run over, destroy, and conquer whoever gets in his way for the accomplishment of personal goals. In a good way, it would be the spiritual Warrior. The enlightened spiritual warrior king for humanity would be an ideal for this placement. Going bad though, it’s going to be very bad, unable to see the harm it causes to other people, and certain that the tough survive and the weak fall. This is truly a Darwin Placement.
You have to love the Jupiter in the Second house, the house of money. Whenever someone has Jupiter in the second, you don’t worry about money. It comes to them, and often times goes just as quickly. What is interesting about his chart here is that Jupiter is exactly Trine Uranus. This Gives him the capacity to make sudden fortunes and loose sudden fortunes simultaneously.

The 5th house is the place of gambling and sensual pleasure. Here we find the Moon, supported by Jupiter. Meaning financial luck is on his side when he gambles, and He does love to gamble. You can think about this as we watch his attempt at the presidency. Mr. Trump will gamble with his strategy. When the moon is somewhere, it is where you find emotional satisfaction. For him, it is in gambling and sensual pleasures.

The Moon is full though, it means that what he does, everyone sees. Everything in this chart speaks of a huge public image, there is not shy secretive side in this guy. He is boisterously upfront with what he believes.

The Part of Fortune is aspected in trine by the day time ruler of the chart, the Sun. This Part of Fortune is conjunct the cusp of the 7th giving it immense power, and giving the native a strong desire to accumulate material wealth. This wealth of the Part of Fortune flows easily to Mr. Trump, as it is Trine his Sun.

This is a very brief look at the financial status of his chart.

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