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People are often trying to prove astrology…or for that matter disprove astrology. This entirely misses the point of a rich system which can be used to understand our lives and our life path.

At one point I was sitting with H.E. Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, who was great and realized man from Old Tibet. A student of his was enthusiastically saying how modern physics was describing the nature of the cosmos and its geometry in a way very similar to the ancient teachings found in the Kangyur and Tengyur (which are the collected words of the Buddha and his commentaries.) The student was very pleased with this and Chagdudpa became angry.

he said…”western science beliefs always changing…Dharma unchanging. No needs making different for other peoples beliefs.”

Through my studies of astrology, I have come to see that there is a certain truth in that which abides here also. The nature of the planets, the nature of aspects, the nature of signs, the nature of houses still hold accurate and powerful meanings after thousands and thousands of years of human culture changing. Science disproves them…they remain relevant. Science proves them through statistical analysis, they remain the same. The archetypes…are unchanging, it is how we approach them, how we choose to believe in them and think about them that is changing. It is us, society and the people that make it that are always trying to reinvent how things are. How things are is consistent and true, no matter how we look at it, try to define it, or prove it. As long as humans are confused about there nature, astrology will never become irrelevant, no matter how much technology and rational science we invent. It fulfills a need in the human psyche to order random events in our lives and experiences. It is noble to study it from different approaches, with different belief systems, but there is no need to justify it by saying that only through scientific proof it will survive. The truth of the archetype will live long beyond our empty efforts at justifying our existence and egos through our small projects doomed to be washed away by endless time. The truth of our true nature, as taught by the great saints will live even beyond those archetype.

Then Chagdudpa looked at me and asked if I thought it would snow. Even though it was June, it snowed that night.

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Chagdud Tulku
Chagdud Tulku

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