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I am going to spend the next twelve days going into the the 12 signs of the Zodiac as a fall solstice activity.  Lets start with Aries. Aries is symbolized by the Ram, with its powerful head and willingness to fight. the initiator, the novel, the burst of energy, it is associated with the movement of the season in the northern hemisphere into Spring. With Aries we are not as much describing the Ram, as a symbol, but describing the force that is the fecundity of Spring breaking forth and starting the life cycle over again. This is combined with the nature of mars, the natural ruler of the time of Aries. The breaking forth is martial in nature.

That we are describing the fecundity of spring is important to know, because the 12 signs of the Zodiac are based on the seasons, and the nature of the seasons, as well as actual constellations. For this reason the first day of Spring is the first degree of Aries, even though the actual constellation is perpetually moving, and its first star is no longer rising on the ecliptic of the horizon on the first day of Spring. This is what we call the unchanging archetypal Zodiac as astrologers.

Where you find Aries in your chart you are going to find some interesting dynamics. Aries is ruled by Mars, so it is a place of passion, a place of combat, and a place or innovation. For instance, I have Aries in the fourth house, that is the place of the home and family. My home tends to be combative, passionate, and I have left the place of my home city, and started a large family in a new place. You can see Aries here means the point of beginnings, the starting new and fresh.

In the first house Aries describes a bold and initiating energy. In the Second a desire to acquire wealth, in the third an independent and combative relations with siblings or work partners, in the fourth an independant and combative home, in the fifth, a strong bent towards athletics and an initiator of romance, in the sixth a proactive personality towards ones own health, in the seventh house we find a person who is restless within marriage or relationship, in the eighth house a person driven for intense experiences, in the ninth house someone who is independant in spiritual values, in the tenth, a person suited towards martial or athletic careers, or who relates to those careers in such a way, in the eleventh a person who has combative friends, in the twelfth one who is possessed by an obssesive or passionate mind, an one for whom male aggression is undermining.

The key words you would get out of a word cloud for the previous paragraph is initiating, strong, proactive, and combative. These are all key words to the energy of Aries. Take this back to what to the initiating energy of spring we are trying to describe, and you will see that wherever Aries appears in the chart, the house it rules, that place is one of novelty, where one will break from the tradition and start there own novel approach.

Novelty is impulsive, so here is where one will have impulsive reactions leading to good or bad. It is the place where your most aggressive tendencies will naturally come out.  These tendencies are the natural drive to independance. Aries is about establishing uniqueness in the universe, the I am identity. The more frustrated that impulse is, or hindered, then the more the Aries energy will respond with martial force. There is no stopping the Aries impulse where it arises, so let it dance well, and guide it into creative activity, that’s its purpose after all

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