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“The all seeing Sun, then, being truly fire-like and the light of the mind is the organ of perception of the soul”-Vettius Valens

The Sun. In astrology the sun is the center. That is, a symbol which represents the soul. The soul, your soul, an immaterial, unlocatable, empty phenomena, which has the nature of ongoing unending awareness is represented by the Sun. As such, it is the place, around which all the other planets, a great cosmic display dance. The Sun is externalized by  all cultures throughout history, which have worshipped the Sun as a principle deity. This is rightly so, as life on earth could not exist without the Sun maintaining its constant and steady presence. Its warmth chases away darkness on a daily basis, allowing all plants and beings to thrive on our unique and beautiful planet full of life. The idea of a solar deity is that the Sun itself is a living being, with its own consciousness, It is not just a mass of atoms, but has its own embodiment. Some suggest that Christ is a representation of the Solar Deity in a Christian form. In our own charts we look at the Sun as a place where we gain illumination. Where our soul is revealed and naturally emanates.  Whichever house it falls into, that is a house which will receive its warm benefit, a place that will feel natural to our soul, and what our soul will naturally express to the world.

The planets revolve around the Sun. The Sun is considered in general benefic, it illuminates the house it is in. It signifies the father in daytime charts (Saturn signifies the father in nighttime charts.) It also signifies life force, or the king and ruler. It rules all other planets, and has power over them. This concept is related to visual astrology. In visual astrology when a planet is conjunct the sun, it is combust, which means that it can no longer be seen. The empirical art of astrology is based upon visible light that reaching the earth. Thus, if a planet can not be seen, it is weak and, it can not fulfill its purpose. Perhaps a better way to think of is that a combust planet, that is a planet within 6 degree orb of the Sun in both directions, is hidden. It is in what we might call the fairy world or the other world. Its activity and purpose cannot be seen clearly in the male solar linear world in which we live. Thus, whichever planets we find in these places in our natal charts, that is where we have intuitive psychic gifts, and also shadows that need our full awareness to become useful energies in our lives.

How we do that is a personal but essential question. The indication is that we need to bring our awareness into that underworld place. For example if Mercury is combust we may not be so good at communicating and thinking in a clear logical way, however, our intuition and insight can be outstandingly powerful. Such a person very well may be able to communicate with fairies or gods. Initially though, before a person with such a natal aspect engenders that planet with aware insight, they may be often misunderstood, or act in detriment to their benifit. Likewise, because it is combust, the areas of the chart ruled by that planet, will be approached in an alternative manner, one which differs from the approaches mainstream society would take. Thus when a planet is combust it is empowered and engaged  through alternative approaches.

If the planet is even closer to conjunct the Sun, that is within 30 minutes or half a degree, it is then what was termed Cazimi which is an Arabic term for “in the heart of the Sun.” This planet is then imbued with the life giving rays of the Sun and becomes more potent and powerful, a super planet, capable of excelling and illuminating far and wide its interests. An example of this would be Oprah Winfrey who has Venus Cazimi. Venus embodies womanhood, and so Oprah has embodied the Venusian ideal of woman. In her chart, Venus rules her ninth house, thus we see Oprah’s powerful reach in publishing, spirituality, and educating the tv watching American public. It also rules her 2nd house, and we thus see her immense capacity for wealth, becoming one of the richest entertainers in the world.

The only object in the sky that has this power is the Sun, that is why it is considered the ruler of all planets. Likewise, it is considered the most noble of all planets. It is the only one that does not go retrograde, that is reverse its course, and fall back within its trajectory. We can say thus that the Sun is symbolic of true integrity, it never hides its intentions, and it never deceives in its path. The Sun becomes malefic, that is capable of creating harm in the world and one’s personal psyche when it is squared, conjunct, or opposed Mars. In this case the Sun will overheat Mars. We all know what happens when Mars, the warrior gets over heated! If one has this aspect in the chart, then it is essential to learn how to calm down when heated.

As the Sun moves through your birth chart on a monthly basis, it will occupy all twelve houses and signs of the zodiac. When it goes into each new sign it is an opportunity to invoke in your experience understanding of that archetype. For instance, when the sun moves into Aries, recognize the initiating, bold, and enthusiastic energy that is invoked. Likewise, If the Sun moves into your second house, that is a time to take advantage of its illuminating rays and look at your financial situation, and what your possessions which are usable to you are. If you need to make changes, this is the perfect time to evoke them. This can be applied to all the houses, and all of the signs.

Using the Sun in this way, on a yearly basis, to become aware of different aspects of your personality and your environment, is a very good way of honoring your Solar Deity and coming to learn how it illuminates your life and being.

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