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What is the Sun in astrology. What does it mean for you and your chart. Sun sign astrology has been popular for just shy of a century. Before sun sign astrology was popular, the sun was more of a significator in an astrology chart than a definer of an astrology chart. It had certain connotations, such as the father in a day chart, the king, or president, a hero, etc. which would relate to you based on where it fell in your chart from the position of the ascendant. It was said to be the ruling luminary of a day chart. It was not until sun sign astrology came along in the 1930’s that it became a popular definer of you.

Now days people say, I am a Leo, or I am an Aquarius. But this does not represent you in your chart. In your chart, you as a living entity is defined in particular by your ascendant and moreover by your entire chart. This begs to ask the question, what is the Sun in the chart.

We have Mercury as the way you think, the moon as the way you feel or your emotions. Mars is how you act, and Venus is your desire. Jupiter is what gives you joy, and Saturn is what your serious duties are. But what is the Sun?

Some people like to say it is the soul. The soul is a very nebulous term. Its existence even doubted by some. Unmeasurable, and unquantifiable, it is hard to describe or find. It could be an experiencer, or observer that threads through lifetimes from one mortal shell to another by the process of transmigration. If you search for it though, you will not find an identifiable soul. This is why I have a hard time assigning the soul to the Sun.

All the planets orbit the sun and receive it’s light, as far as we are concerned on earth. As astrology operates on the principle of reflection, wholeness, as above so below, we know then that what the Sun is symbolically in the chart must be defined as a center and a light.

Apply this to your understanding of astrology

This line of thinking has led me to conclude that the Sun in astrology is how we conceive of our world. It is the totally of concepts that emanate out of our being to create the world of our perception. Thus the Sun is not you, but how you conceive of the world. Try thinking about it this way. You are not a Leo, rather you conceive of the world in the way of a Leo. I have a Leo friend, she is not the center of attention, but she see’s the world as revolving around her. I have an Aquarius friend, she does not revolutionary or unique, but she sees the world from the perception of constant mental innovation. I have a Sagittarius friend, she is  a free loving boundless person, but she conceives of the world that way.

In essence the location of the sun is how we conceive and conceptualize the experience of the world as. A first house sun would conceive of the world being about them, a second how about the resources they can harness, a third about sibling and intimate relations, a fourth about the family, a fifth about the creative impulse, a sixth about the work of life, a seventh about the intimate partner, and eighth about change and transformation, an ninth about the spiritual impulse of life, the tenth about the work of the world, the eleventh house sun about friendship and society, and the twelfth about self sacrifice for a greater good.

Take a step behind your mind and look at how you conceptualize the world. Everyone is conceptualizing the world differently. In a hubris of ignorant slumber that is forgotten, and we seize upon our own narrow perspective as being superior and right. This is the principle of identity and it is the cause of strife and destroys the precious pillar of understanding. Armed with the capacity to understand others world views that astrology provides, you can use what has been discussed here to gain understanding of others and come to understand why they do not understand you.

May your concepts dissolve into wholeness and perfection.

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