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Saturn, in astrology, has a certain fatalism implied to him. Saturn is an old man, a devil, he is horned, he illuminates the final darkness of the solar system that extends infinitely beyond the visible circle of light of the Sun. For no Planet past Saturn is visible to our naked eye, when we peer into the sky, from our home the earth. When Saturn moves he moves with fate, he moves slowly, and completely. Now, he has wandered into the eight sign, that of Scorpio. Scorpio is the place of birth and death. What does Saturn bring to us when he moves into this place? Saturn visits Scorpio around every 29 years, where he remains for two and a half years.

When we think of the planets traveling through the zodiac, we as mortal humans wonder what it means for our lives. Our lives are very important to us after all, they are all we know. But, to the gods, or the machinations of time, space, and archetype represented by the movements of the planets, our lives are of no significance. This is something that was really understood by the spiritual belief systems of previous centuries. In some ways it seems as if it may be refreshing to contemplate, that we are but pawns in the play of time. So often astrology is used to encourage narcissism. Really that is not just the flaw of the clients, it is also the flaw of the astrologers. Clients come to us, to hear how great there lives are, how purposeful there experience is, they are looking for myth and validity. It is our duty to give that to them, but often times, the myth is also couched in the language of glorification, for glorification sells. It is a fine drug to hear how great you are, and what your possibilities in life are. The tragedy is that few can live up to there full potential, and those that can, honestly are not really living comfortable lives by most peoples standards. In the end only a few can be hero’s, or those who leave there mark on humanity as it courses through its role as keeper of the garden of spirit. The Garden of humanity has regular tides, the tides come and go like tides on a beach. They have there own color and flavor and that color and flavor can be described through the tonalities of the movements of the planets. The inner planets, Moon, Mercury, and Venus move to quick to give flavor. They are fluttering lights, like butterflies in the spring, there movement is generally too quick to catch. This does not deny that our psyches will find events like Mercury Retrograde, or void of course moon palpable, but these events will not color our History.

When you get to the outer traditional planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, you find planets that do color History. They move slower, in greater swaths of times, and there motions through the Zodiac and in respect to one another have something to say about the trends of our lives. Thus we can say of Saturn, he will spend 29 some years going through the signs of the Zodiac, in some Signs he will be happy, and we will be more or less happy, in some signs he will be uncomfortable and angry, and surely that will reflect. Saturn being in the sign of Scorpio is Saturn in the place of birth and death. The macabre eighth house, the hidden, the occult, the psyche, the process of letting go so that the new can arise again.

With Saturn in Scorpio, in the world we will see elder statesmen and figures dying. We are already seeing that. In the last two weeks, Americans are loosing George McGovern, and lost Arlen Spectar. Both of these gentlemen are elder statesmen. In general though, I have heard of many people dying the over the last two weeks as Saturn moved into Scorpio. I can never tell whether it is because I am now just keen on the energy and looking out for it, or whether it is a rush, as Saturn claims new territory. Saturn also represents control, and Scorpio is the hidden. We will see what has been a fairly open process of governing, revolution, and change in the last two years be taken to back rooms on the world stage. Robert Zoller has said that the age of Aquarius (ruled by Saturn) has Scorpio on the midheaven. Thus he predicts that in general during the age of Aquarius the rulers will be secretive and remain hidden.

In our own charts, we are going to go from a strong urge to seek balance in our lives and the world as our ground, to seeking dramatic changes and questing for power as our ground of action in the world. That is, how we will react to the challenges of life itself, will be more from a place of an urge to control our environment, rather than seeking balance with in. To live consciously, one will have to take care of this energy, using it constructively for the betterment of humanity, rather than ones own self glorification. It is interesting…as I write this, my wife is asking…what would you do right now if I died, how would we take care of that. Maybe more than anything else, that is Saturn in Scorpio.

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