Heart Astrology

Today Venus passes before the sun. It does so, not just by degree in the sky, but also directly in front of the Sun, which is called Cazimi. Cazimi means in the heart of the Sun and it is the state of true conjunction. For the condition of Cazimi to be fulfilled the planet hast to be within a 17 minute aspect of conjunction with the Sun. This is because the sun is 34 minutes wide from the perspective of those of us who live on earth. Also, the planet must be at the same degree in latitude with perspective to the ecliptic. Venus will fulfill this on the 5th of June. Venus will not aspect the sun like this again until 2117 AD.

What does this mean, one may ask. The school of astrology known as traditional, or medieval, says it means the planet becomes very gifted in its effects for the individual. In a sense, the power of the Sun fully flows through the planet and allows it to become a super charged energy at that time. The question is what is being supercharged. In ones personal chart you can look for three clues. The first two are the houses that Venus Rules. Invoke the blessings of Venus in those two houses. The second is the House that Venus abides in, invoke the blessings of Venus there too. Thus if Venus rules your 5th house, which rules gambling, children, love affairs, look forward to blessings in that house today, and take advantage of them. Like wise, with this being such a rare event, one that will not repeat for over a 100 years, make an invocation, prayer, or aspiration that is associated with that house. Make this prayer not just based on your own needs but for the happiness of all. For instance, may all beings enjoy the delightful joy of happy love affairs, success in money, and have successful and healthy children, so should they wish. It is always important to wish happiness for all beings, this a key to positive prayer power that is not mentioned enough in modern spiritual circles.

Since Venus is a beneficial planet, called the lesser benefic, its nature with in the chart is to try and to go for the native. As with everything too much of a good thing, to much venus leads to sickness that come from over indulgence in sensual pleasures. Too much Venus is the myth of the Sirens, luring people off there path into the unconscious underwater that is the death of a happy and productive life as a human. Beware then of voyaging to far out to see following the call of sensual pleasure.


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