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What foretells more ill than the darkening of the Sun. On March 20th, in the last sign of the last degree, the day before spring heralds itself to the Northern Hemisphere, during a “Super Moon” we have a Super Eclipse that will darken out northern Europe so severely there are concerns that the electric grid will fail (oh the inconvenience of solar power!). This is the Godzilla of Eclipses, bent on destroying all in its path! Oh man, the peril and hubris of thinking you are better than nature!

Now, for the eclipse, here is your valid information for you to use to insure your life is happy without ill! Start meditating now, while accumulating merit and wisdo. Ok, that has nothing to do with astrology but it is the only thing that will help. On to astrology….since that is supposed to be the subject of this writing. (Sorry the Moon, Neptune, and Mercury are all conjunct in Pisces right now and everything is unfathomable!)

This eclipse is Saros series 17 degrees South. According to Brady it deals with “Sudden Success in group projects and relationship issues. Happiness in love and good news concerning creative group endeavors!” That is Horrible! Batten down the hatches the squall is coming! Where will such atrocity be effecting you? Look into the houses that the eclipse will occur in your chart. (Please use whole sign…pretty please, just for me, just this once!) In that house expect a creative, group, opportunity to take advantage of. It is a Pisces eclipse so you are going to have to use your intuition to find the opportunity.

Concerning the fate of nations, Iceland, Greenland, Scotland, and Norway, you are the winners. Saturn retrograde Square Neptune in the Eclipse chart, keep the people power going. Ireland, I hope this is an omen of the Government reversing itself on the water tax! In particular, this chart excites me about the possibility of groups of people coming together to form better ways to govern in those nations. I here say that Iceland is doing a very good job of this currently.

I have wondered if Eclipses have a pull on volcanic activity. What we re especially looking at here, is how this eclipse is marking the end of an old way of being and the beginning of a new way of being. This combined with Saturn in Sagitarrius certainly indicates to me that we are on the cusps of seeing some remarkable change in the next 6 months.

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