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A wonderful woman named Teresa, who came as a client,  asked for a quick explanation of the  Houses in traditional astrology. This is a technical explanation, meant to benefit those who are interested in learning a little bit deeper how to use the horoscope to predict events.

We have planets and Luminaries, which are forces and energies. We have Signs, which are Archetypal ways those energies display themselves. Finally we have houses which is where those energies display themselves.

The first thing to know about the twelve houses is that they have different degrees of power. The 1, 4,7, and 10th are called angular, and a planet found in them will express its energy and intention with full force. the 2, 5, 8, and 11th houses are called succedent, and a planet there will effect its power when goaded on by others. The 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th houses are called cadent, a planet there has not much capacity to effect its power in the world, and is prone to serve. As you read more and more charts, you will find this to be true.

Their are two ways to read the houses, psychologically internal, and manifestly external. In this case I will explain the manifestly external,

The first house is the house of the Horoscope and Ascendant. It signifies the native, its three triplicity rulers signify the quality and condition of the 3 phases of life, beginning, middle, and end.

The second house signifies the finances and possessions of the native. Its three triplicity rulers signify the condition of the possessions and financial well being of the native during the beginning, middle, and end of the natives life.

The third house signifies the brothers and sisters of the native. The first triplicity ruler is the elder, the second is the ones of like age, and the third is the younger.

The fourth house signifies father, family, and home. The first triplicity ruler signifies father, the second home, the third ability to negotiate well.

The fifth house signifies, children, creativity, leisure and sensual enjoyment. The first ruler signifies children, the second enjoyment, and the third honors.

The sixth house signifies, health, servants, and ones toil. The first trip ruler signifies health, the 2nd servants, and the third toil.

The seventh house signifies: marriage, open enemies, and business associates. The first trip ruler signifies marriage, the second open enemies, the third business associates.

The eighth house signifies death, inheritance and the money of others. The three rulers signify in order, death, inheritance, and money.

the ninth house signifies distant lands, education, and religion. The three trip rulers signify in their order, journeys, faith, and wisdom.

the tenth house signifies, ones role in the world. The three trip rulers in order signify, work, leadership, and stability.

the eleventh house signifies friends, hope and joy. The three trip rulers signify, faith, friends, and success in your efforts.

finally the 12th signifies, imprisonment, drug use, the undoing of the self. The three trip rulers speak to hidden enemies, labor and prison, and the collective.

this is a brief listing, in general it is very accurate, more details are found through more studies.

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  1. Your trigon rulers (also called triplicities for those that are just learning like me) Are you using Hellenistic traditions or a combination or something totally different?

    1. My training is in medieval astrology. The Triplicity rulers are the same from the Hellenistic tradition though. This being Venus, Moon, Mars for an Earth Sign. Venus, Mars, Moon for a Water Sign. Sun, Jupiter, Saturn for a Fire Sign, and Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter for an Air sign. These are the Day time Triplicities i use. One would reverse the first two planets in any sequence for the night time.

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