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Mars at warAs Mars perfected its square to Uranus yesterday, I had a client claim she did not owe me money because I did not explain that a second session would cost money. This is a rather sad but common occurrence in the profession of astrology. First off, I am a professional astrologer. I have invested thousands of dollars in in equipment and in studying with the best astrologers of our time to ensure that my skills are accurate and sharp. I have read thousands of charts and had thousands of clients in the last 10 years. The result is that I can confidently say my chart analysis will benefit you and help you make valuable life decisions that can save you heartache, time, money, guide you personally and professionally and even help you on your way to deep spiritual insight. This is what a professional astrologer is and what a professional astrologer can do. If you call me for an astrological consultation this is what you are getting, and like any other professional, you will be charged for it.

The reason for this is two fold, fist and foremost you will get more from the reading if you pay for it. You will value it and actually listen to what is said. What is said will only benefit you if you really think about it and then act upon it. Second, this is not a hobby for me. It is a profession and I have a family that I support with it. If you want a hobbyist reading, go find a friend who is approaching the study of the art, or better yet study astrology yourself. I respect that. But if you call me, you are getting a professional, and like any professional you will be paying for the service . My time is not free, whether you are an associate or friend or stranger does not matter. A professional reading from me has a fee associated with it. You do not call a doctor and expect them to offer you a free service because they do not mention the fee. You do not go see a therapist and expect them to offer you a free session, just because they do not mention the fee. Same with the lawyer, a lifecoach, an investment banker, or any other professional.

Just because you may have a few friends who have studied astrology, or paid for a reading from a non professional who was not able to see into your chart with accurate clarity, does not mean you do not need to respect the profession of astrology. The hobbyist, the charlatan, those who mix the art of astrology with there spiritual belief system and use it as a vehicle for their philosophical imperialism all give less than accurate readings, because they do not rely on the empirical accuracy of a tradition that is over 20,000 years old (for more information on this read Nick Campions “the dawn of astrology”) These are not professionals, they are people who use astrology for their own means. A Professional Astrologer is profound and worth it and the reading they give you is of tremendous value. If you talk the whole time, and treat the session as a therapist event that does not mean you do not pay for the session. If I have to say the same thing to you 40 times in a session in hope that you can hear it, you still owe for the session. If you walk away feeling you did not like what was said, you still owe for the session. If you call, you owe for the session. Treat it with respect and you will be rewarded for consulting it.

Mars rules my second house, that of financial matters. Uranus means conflict, revolution, energetic reaction, and sudden insight. May all beings benefit.

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