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Lunar mansions are an ancient method of watching how the moon transits the sky in its 28 day cycle. The lunar cycle is actually 27.3 days long, so the mansions are not evenly divided into 24 hours period. The origins of the mansions are heatedly debated by scholars, and the true source of their existence may be more ancient than writing itself, thus a mystery to modern man, and only the subject of speculation. What we do know is that there are currently three main traditions of Lunar Mansion Astrology. These 3 are Chinese, [wikipop]Jyotish[/wikipop], and Arabic mansions. The Jyotish contains for the most part only 27 mansions, while the Chinese and the Arabic contain 28.

The lunar mansions are extraordinarily helpful to developing harmony with the current of life. We can, and many people do track the moon through the 12 signs of the Zodiac. This gives us 2 and a half day energetic emphasis to watch for and learn from. The Lunar mansions give us 24 hour specific energy patterns to observe in the current of life.

I am using the arabic tradition, as I practice a mix of current thinking and medieval astrology. Medieval astrology takes as one of its roots definitions that came from [wikipop]Ptolemy[/wikipop]. The mansions are defined by the nature of the specific stars.

This brings us to an interesting modern dilemma which is whether to use the tropical or sidereal Zodiac. This was not a question for Greek astrologers, from which western astrology has grown, as at that time, the two Zodiacs were in harmony. Now they are significantly out of phase. In a future post I will go into detail about the differences, but here let us just say, we will be using the Tropical Zodiac. Why, because this is considered to be the “immovable” or “archetypal” zodiac, meaning that it is beyond the passage of time, its effects are more subtle and pervasive than the Sidereal Zodiac which is “moveable” and thus closer to the imperfection of human existence.

The 28 lunar mansions, as one can see were considered an extremely important part of astrology, only behind the 12 zodiac signs in there ability to confer information about the native, and the courses of action a person should take on a given day. Modern astrology has not even scratched the surface on the utility of this. For instance let us take a look at the Moons placement in Barak Obama’s Natal chart. His moon abides in 3 degrees Gemini which is the mansion under the angel guide Gabiel known as “the white spot” . The Key words for this are ” intellectual activity, goodwill, universal body, health, and safety.” The image is of a King surrounded by stars.”  this adds a much deeper interpretation of President Barack Obama’s emotional motivation than just the Gemini’s “a rapid learner operating on a mental plane who is out of touch with others emotional needs.”

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