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The beauty of the Lunar EclipseOn June 26th there will be a lunar eclipse visible over the western half of the united states. It will occur around 430 am on the west coast of the United States. All eclipses are traditionally viewed with caution. The idea is that they are eclipsing the natural light of the universe, and thus meant to be handled with care when they occur in the natal chart. Likewise they can portend disaster in a Mundane chart to. Mundane refers to worldly events. As an example of this, on April 25 1986 there was a total lunar eclipse that occurred. This eclipse had the rare coincidence of conjuncting the planetoid Pluto.  What happened the next day? The [wikipop]Cherynobl nuclear accident[/wikipop].

Now it just so happens that this Lunar Eclipse is also going to conjunct the planetoid Pluto. It does that while there is a tremendous amount of tension in the sky due to the opposition of Jupiter and Uranus, to Saturn, which are squared by Pluto. This is something to take note of for certain. In the Tibetan Astrological school, it is believed that eclipses fortell of the virtue in the world leaving. They are also a time when whatever acts of virtue one does engage in can have tremendous benefit. Thus… an eclipse is an important time of prayer. Now astrologically speaking, I would say this eclipse is exceptionally important. So please…take some time Friday night, to pray, do rituals for the benefit of other beings, or at least find peace for yourself. Lets create enough positive energy, to negate any negative worldly circumstances that might arise out of this eclipse.

On a positive note, this eclipse is associated with the Saros Cycle no 12 south, which has the connotations of ” a long emotional worry or sickness comes to a successful and happy conclusion”  -B.Brady in her book: Predictave Astrology, the Eagle and the Lark. So perhaps it bodes well for a postive ending to the Deepwater Oil Crises in the gulf in August.



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