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Hey Jim, are you still alive? There is a rumor you live in Oregon now.

Jim Morrison, was a voice for the unconscious during the rise of the Baby Boomer generation. His chart is a fascinating example of how several common and a few less common markers of death are found in the chart. They not only described his death, but through solar direction were activated during the year of his death. He died of a drug overdose in Paris on July 3rd 1971. He was born December 8th 1943 at 11:55 am in Melbourne, Florida.

The house of death in western astrology is the 8th house. The ruler of his 8th house was Mercury which is in the 12th house of Drug use and depression. During the year of Jim Morrison’s death his directed ascendant was 1 degree away from squaring his Al Khayyat or killing planet at the time of his death. This is easily within the margin of error on the timing of his ascendant at birth. One can use this to speculate he was actually born at 11:57. This would create an exact square between his killing planet and directed Ascendant at the time of his death.

For those not familiar with it, Al Khayyat’s Almuten of death or the killing planet is a planet that meets a strict set of criteria and is considered a planet that brings danger to the native. In Jim Morrison’s case it is Mars. Mars is ruled by Gemini, in the 5th house, that of pleasure. Heroin is an escape from mental struggle into the deep opiate of pleasure.

Al Khayyat’s Almuten of death or the killing planet is ruled by Gemini, in the 5th house, that of pleasure. For him heroin was an escape from mental struggle into the deep opiate of pleasure.

The Chart Says drugs were involved.

Why was he using heroin we can ask? Being a musician with popular sway over thousands of devotees takes a toll on the mind. A number of succesful musicians feel like they are just commodities and owned by society. This can create feelings of a lack of personal worth even while being an exalted expression of the id of society. For some the result is depression. Musicians and artist who fall to this type of depression often times turn to drugs to keep functioning and to deal with depression.

In Jim Morrison’s case, astrologically, his depression is explained by Mercury in the 12th house. Mercury is the natives thoughts and the 12th rules drugs, depression, imprisonment. On a more positive note the 12th can represent the mystic, or the supreme being. This is because the 12th is the unfathomed structure from which all comes, the mind before conscious mind. As well it is the first light of dawn. Thus for Jim Morrison, when his chart was fulfilling his potential he was the mystic voice, and when absorbed in destructive ego, it was drugs and depression.

Intriguingly enough, his lot of death (measured by the 8th house Cusp to Saturn-Moon), is 14 degrees Libra and by Solar arc direction the Sun was square that degree from the 12th house (drug addiction again.) the year he died.

Bringing more intrigue to the delineation of Jim’s death, is that there is controversy and even conspiracy theories (again the 12th house) that proliferate about his passing. Marianne Faithful says she is the last person alive who was involved in her death. The involvement she espouses is that her boyfriend at the time went to his flat to give him heroine that was to strong. The French Government performed no autopsy on him. His official cause of death is said to be of a heart attack. So his death remains a mystery (again the 12th house). Another account of his death is that he actually died at a nightclub and was brought back to his apartment and put in a bathtub.

Thus true to the 8th signifying death, and the ruler of the 8th being in the 12th. His entire passing is an unsolved mystery resigned to the vast mind of god and the human unconscious to play with.

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