Heart Astrology

The Sun is the creative lord. both in the world, where its daily, weekly, yearly, and even longer pulsations determine the effects of all life on earth, as well as the phenomena that all the planets in all of our solar system. There is tremendous creative potential in the sun, it provides all the light which makes human life, all life possible. With out its intense ongoing creative efforts there would be no life as we know it. But it does so out of emptiness, it is manifesting from the amazing display of nuclear reactions, that is empty atoms smashing empty atoms creating photons of light which give unbearable heat and being to everything we know. This is the great outer manifafestor of the universe.

It represents your inner light, it represents your inner untapped power of continuous creativity.  This is your brightness and your ability to embody it is your ability to shine in the world.

What house is your Sun in? What sign is it in? What planets aspect it, and how do they aspect it. All of these will effect its ability to shine or be hindered.  Conjunctions to the sun indicate how the sun is going to express itself. Very distinct masks that the Sun will be communicating through. Mercury will show the Sun is meant to express its creativity through mind and communication, Venus, through love and enjoyment, Mars through actions, Jupiter through generosity and positive beliefs, Saturn through discipline and realism. The Sextile is said to be people who come and motivate the Sun to express is genius, Squares are life situations that try to force your Vital Spirit to express itself.  It is the opposition which will cause your Vital Spirit to have to express itself through pushing against life.

So look at your creative lord and bring him to life.

What you don’t want to do, is to not allow for this creative energy to flow. This can happen especially if there are oppositions to any planet, or if Saturn or Mars are aspecting by Opposition, Square, or Conjunction. Saturn and Mars are going to rough up that creative energy feeling good about itself. But you have to use it, you have to rise above the voices there that have been blocking or oppressing the flow of creative energy that is the Sun. You must honor your Sun whatever its energy is.

If you don’t it will find different channels to express itself through, channels of obscuration, passion, and anger. That is no Good. It will take time, but the more you are able to create with the generosity energy of your Sun, the happier your life will be. It is so.

Be positive. that is the message of the Sun.

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