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While the Saturn Pluto conjunction may be beastly, us mortals should not fear.
When the Titans Battle the world is changed

The Saturn Pluto conjunction is coming. It is going to be the most hyped disaster aspect since the Pluto Uranus square of 2011 through 2016. The great thing about astrology is that given enough planets, we always have a disastrous aspect coming up to worry about. Gentle reader, I am here to tell you that most of us will be fine. You will hear a lot of hand wringing about this coming conjunction coming up. This short post will explore why its not going to be a big deal, why it is going to be a big deal, and why most of us will be fine.

Saturn Pluto conjunctions occur about every thirty six years. There was a conjunction complex around 1947 and a conjunction complex around 1982. Thirty five years later we here at 2019 will be going into another conjunction complex. Did civilization collapse on those dates, no. During this time America did not devolve into a civil war, no. Did you die, well heck, you may not have even been born. What did happen on those dates?

First strike 1947

There was a bit of a panic every time, that is true. But Saturn Pluto conjunction has been both constructive of our modern society as well as set the tone for the following 36 year period of angst. In 1947 the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo had very discernible effects upon the world political structure. The cold war started (the voice of America starts broadcasting into Eastern Europe.) At this time the I.M.F was set up and begins to establish the world economy. Also, the military industrial complex is established in the U.S. Finally, the Doomsday day clock is started (man, that is Pluto Saturn for sure!) These were all leading up to the first hit in August.

You can see some crackling tension here…but most folks made it through just fine. By August things are really cooking, the Roswell incident occurs. India becomes independent of Britain and Pakistan becomes independent of India. The CIA is created. McCarthyism starts in American politics. Not reassuring, as most of these incidents are hard power plays, but no nations were destroyed, rather a few were born.

Second example 1982-3

If we move to the next conjunction in 1982 in Libra. The Air Force Space command is started. It is interesting that Trump started the Space Force Command this year. The Falklands war occurs, England seems to get into territorial events every Pluto Saturn conjunction. During this time the Lebanon civil war began at this time. Reagan started the Star Wars defense initiative. Again, this is resonant with what is happening now. There was two nuclear power shut down failure incidents, one in the U.S.S.R and one in the U.S.. A world free trade act was signed by 88 countries, again signifying that the Saturn Pluto conjunction tends to solidify the power of a world government.

In all of these aforementioned events, I find none that indicate any particular doom of the United States or world government order. Nor is there any indication that the transit will usher in a world war of any particular type. There is no indications that this transit creates civil wars. There is an indication that on a Mundane level it does create nuclear incidents, creates new military branches and deep seated state power institutions. Some historical evidence of past conjunctions points to that it is productive for creating a global world economy. Perhaps the tariff push we have been seeing coming out of the U.S. will rebound back into a new world trade agreements.

The first conjunction we visited was in a fire sign. The second was in an Air sign. We find Saturn having dignity in Libra during the 1982-83 conjunction may have been why that conjunction was less dramatic than the previous one in Leo where Saturn is in fall. Here the conjunction will be in Capricorn where Saturn has rulership.

I will argue here, that the next year will be better than most astrologers are forecasting, for the U.S. as well as the world.

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