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I have been asked by friends to comment on the Cardinal Grand Square occurring this summer. So I will weigh in over the next few days. First, today, what is it. It is a combination of planets, interacting with stressful angles in relation to the earth this summer. Which planets, the Planet Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are the main players. Saturn, Venus, and Mars will square Pluto, while opposing Jupiter and Uranus. When will this happen, August 6-9th will be the peak date. Why will this happen? It is a natural cycle. It has happened before and will happen again. Astrology is the study of Cycles. The planets can tell us what happens in these cycles by looking at there signs. We have three types of signs, they are Cardinal, Mutable, and Fixed. What is remarkable about this aspect is that it is occurring in a Cardinal sign. Cardinal means new beginnings. How new…well, not that new, new beginnings are really ruled by the Jupiter Saturn conjunction cycle, and this is not one of those. This is an opposition Jupiter and Saturn, so it is actually the fruition of a cycle that was indicated 14 years ago when Jupiter and Saturn conjuncted. The Jupiter and Saturn cycle conjuncts in Cardinal Aries every 720 years, and that, according to traditional astrologers who have been recording the cycles of humanity and the stars for over 5000 years, is when new epochs for humanity begin. So…please do not worry too much, we are not about to be invaded by aliens….

What is about to happen, we will start to explore that in tomorrows post.

Dorje Drollod was known for Taming the Planetary Maras....

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