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Like most mortals, I was stunned by Bill Clintons speech last night. Before it started, I was running around the house telling my wife and kids, “Bill Clinton is speaking tonight, you have to hear this man speak, he is one of the most gifted speakers in the world.” Unlike them, I am old enough to remember his brilliance when he was orating in front of Congress, giving the State of the Union address, and talking his way out of intern affairs. And did he deliver last night, impressing both Republican and Democratic political operatives with his sure capacity to enrapture an audience used to 30 second sound bites for …. way to loooong. It is not a mortal capacity to hold an audience for 50 straight minutes anymore, we are all just way to used google bits of information. The Big Dog however is no mortal when it comes to oratory. Lets look at his astrology chart and see how the gods gifted his speech.

First lets notice how powerful his Sun is. Its in the 11th house, a place of joy and hope, in its rulership of Leo. Thus his Sun gives joy and hope to the people he meets. Now his Sun is ruling his Mercury. The mercury is not in rulership or exaltation, but it is backed by this powerful Sun. His speech is gifted because he is so comfortable with who he is. He can speak of who he is with no fear and expects everyone to love him for it and they do. Then we look at how Mercury is rising before the Sun. A planet that rises before the Sun is going to work hard for that planet. Thus his Mercury works for him. Mercury is also Sextile Mars and Venus. The Mars has some trouble…we all know that about Mr. Clinton, his sexual affairs got him in trouble, but the Venus is entirely gifted, and rules his personality. The man must ooze sensuality, and that comes across in his speech due to the sextile. It is pleasurable to here him speak his ideas (Venus) which he presents with force (Mars) and he accuracy of speech (Saturn). Yes, the Mercury is conjunct Saturn giving it a technical accuracy. Saturn is very serious about getting the facts straight. What we find when we look at his Mercury, which bestows speech, is a planet that is gifted by almost every other personal planet in the chart.

To boot it is not combust nor retrograde, thus it is very capable of carrying out the will of the soul that is Bill Clinton. When I see such conditions, I am always in awe.

But astrology is not ever just why, it is also when. Now Bill Clinton happens to have just entered his Mars/Mercury Fidar. That means what Mars and Mercury want to do will be happening for him over the next few years. Mars and Mercury together want to be a fighter through debate and speech. You may have notice alot of commentary in the news was about how this was his triumphant return, and he still has is oratory. He is back as a verbal fighter for the next two years. Expect to see more of Mr. Clinton fighting for what he believes in, in the news.

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