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I would like to continue with the Saturn theme. The Saturn Return is considered by many to be an epic event. Of all the astrological subjects that come up during readings from people who are casual in there relationship to astrology, this is number two. Number one, for the record, would be the Sun, Moon, Ascendant signs. Why do people tremble something terrible at the mere mention of the Saturn Return? Saturn is considered a cold planet. It is associated with duty. The finality of things. The burdens that one must carry.

That is why people don’t like Saturn. It is the limitations and the burdens of life. Where Saturn falls natally in ones chart is a place where one experiences one of two things, limitation or burden. For example if we say Saturn is in the fifth house, that of children or creativity, then one is limited in ones ability to have children, or burdened by children. I have seen enough examples of this to know the truth of that. If we look at Saturn through this lens we get an interesting way to read the Saturn return.

The Saturn return, as it hits exact, is a blueprint of the main work that a person will do during that Saturn cycle. It will follow like all cycles, that is from emptiness (the new) to fullness (the manifest) and back to emptiness again. Critical points in the cycle will be every 7 years. That will be when Saturn squares, opposes, and then again squares itself. What is it that is manifesting, it is the chart of the Saturn return. I use the first hit. Others may use other hits. Everyone gets one hit, but not everyone gets three hits. So the first hit is the common denominator.

Lets take a look at a chart and see what it says. Out of the Magic astrologers bag we are going to pull, Brad Pitt. Brad Pitt is of course a famed actor, but he is more known for his social activism work and his marriage to Angela Jolie. Here we have an actor, whose work, or burden or duty we would consider acting, but his life work during his middle years appears to have connotations of social service and marriage. Here is the chart:

Here we see Brad Pitts thirty year cycle laid out for him starting in 1993. Notice the strong Aquarian eleventh house. That is humanitarian work for the world, and a belief that part of what his purpose is is to provide hope. Notice Jupiter in Libra in the 7th house that is the idealistic and beautiful wife who expands him into world wide justice issues. Notice the Moon and Venus in the twelfth, that of hidden things. Well this is interesting…perhaps there is more to Mr. Pitt than meets the eye. But it does remind one of the affair he had with Angelina that broke him up with Jennifer Anniston. Saturn in its exaltation during the 30 year saturn return cycle indicates he will have kingly success during that time in the houses it rules. It rules the 10th and 11th house. Career and society. Certainly that has paned out.

One may be served well by looking into ones own Saturn return chart. You can see it is a good roadmap!

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