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What are the advantages of a professional astrological consultation one may ask. The answer would depend on what you are seeking. If one wishes to look into how they think, how they emotional react, what the roots of those reactions are, then that is called psychological or inquisitive astrology. This is a reading that is about how you, as a soul, shine in this world. This is a type of astrology that was propagated by the Theosophists, Dane Rudyar, Stephen Arroyo, Steven Forrest and many other great astrologers. It has a specific purpose, and that purpose is to help you get to know yourself. Proponents of this type of astrology tend to think that it is the most valid form of astrology, because they say destiny is not predetermined, and this form of astrology is pure, in that it speaks to the archetypes that make up the psyche of the human. This allows us to gain insight into how we are, where we are coming from, and to gain tools into how to reconcile our disparate voices, and the inherent contradictions they have within themselves.

From this perspective the planets with in the chart are energies that are alive within us. These vital energies are either clean or rough in there expression. If they are dominated by Trines or Sextile aspects they are clean and it is hard for us to percieve their effect. The astrologer helps the client understand how they are effecting others through these planets, so the client can become more conscious of they way they effect the world. If the energies are aspected by Square, or Opposition, then the client is most often already distinctly aware of these energies. For they will be receiving constant feedback from others within the world about how these matters. The client will then benefit from known what the energies are, and how to begin to skillfully use them, how to avoid using them in a destructive manner, and how to put them into use for accomplishing personal aims.

This category of reading falls under the ancient western spiritual axiom, “know thyself” which is inscribed on the head stone on the walls of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. Remember how I said this is a reading about how you Shine, Apollo was the deity of the Sun, and knowing thyself was his indication that we need to learn what our light that we have to shine on the world is. These things can be revealed through astrology, and as the Greek philosophers stated, until you know yourself, how can you know anything else, likewise, once you know yourself you will know others. It can not be underestimated how beneficial this is in ones relationships with lovers, children, business associates, and friends. How incredibly practical and enjoyable. Astrology here then is a bridge which is a useful tool on the path to self knowledge, and this is what a good “inquisitive” reading will do for you.

For ‘inquisitive” readings it is better for their to be multiple consultations as this form of astrology takes contemplation and dialogue. The astrologer must be flexible enough to let the client express themselves fully as the archetypes the chart displays. At the same time it is the astrologers job to keep the pace of insights going. For you as the client, the result should be fresh views on one’s strengths and pitfalls as human within society. For some people that society will be a larger general question, but often times it has to do with how one works within ones family, work environment, and general social circumstances. As a result of the understandings you gain, there will be greater compassion for yourself and for the ones you love. The benefits are immense and deep.

As a celebration of the Leo new moon, I am offering an inquisitive reading, where we look at the archetypal and psychological elements of your chart together for half price. That is 60 to 90 minutes looking at the various factors of your chart from the perspective spoken of above.

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Inquisitive reading 75.00

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