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V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.A dear client asked recently if I believed in the Law of Attraction. Oh. boy. Do I ever! It is so complicated though, I wish it could be simple, but it is complicated. The Simple definition according to Wikipedia: the Law of Attraction means that like attracts like, thus positive thoughts attract positive experiences and negative thoughts attract negative experiences. New Philosophies have developed espousing the truth of this such as “think rich and grow rich” or “think your happy and you will be happy.” Sounds great right!

What does this have to do with the Eclipse at zero degrees Scorpio on the 23rd of October? You know, the one you have been hearing about that occurs in conjunction with Venus in detriment and combust (two scary words for a traditional astrologer). The one embodied in this chart right here: oct232014eclipseYes this eclipse, well this has everything to do with law of attraction! The law of attraction works, I swear it does, but it works on four different levels. The first is the conscious level, this is the Solar level perhaps, it is the “I will” place. I think most people are kind of riding the law of attraction belief system on this level. It is also simultaneously working on the subconscious level, the “I feel” level of the Moon. Oh, this is building up a theory that can be applied to eclipse magic! exciting! The law of attraction also works on the Unconscious level, that would be the part behind the Sun and the Moon, or the Nodal point of “being” (which is where eclipses occur) Finally it works on the karmic level of previous intentions and actions made by the stream of being. or the Nodal Axis.

So what does that have to do with you, me, or anything for that matter? Aside from the inconvenient truth that we are all running along in a large co-created karmic soup pretending we are experiencing a dream as reality, what does it have to do with the law of attraction? To become masters of our minds, we have to come to learn and understand our various impulses on a conscious level, subconscious level, unconscious level, and karmic level. This is not easy and takes lifetimes according to most holy men. No better time to start than the present though, why, because this eclipse occurs in the sign of Scorpio, the house of revealing your inner experience. Scorpio is all about inner experience, the raw power of it, and coming to reveal it and make it conscious. If we do not master the intentions and manifestations coming from all four levels of “our Law of Attraction” then we are going to be creating different experiences than just the ones we are consciously intending.

What you think and do during an eclipse is more potent than other times. This is according to Buddhist and Hindu philosophy. Your aspirations and actions are increased by magnitude during eclipses. This is eclipse magic that we spoke of before. Make some positive aspirations as the four levels of being line up interdependently with the coming together of the luminaries in the sky. Say your law of attraction aspirations during the eclipse.

What is a Scorpio Eclipse really about, it is about tearing your self open to reveal your hidden side. Scorpio rules death, and death is the final tearing open. The journey of they mystic is to go into their self and reveal it while still alive, then to come back and share the wisdom they find. During this eclipse cycle, we will all be asked to go inside and illuminate our darkness. It is as Carl Jung said, enlightenment comes from bringing light to the darkness. This is what you can do during this cycle, you can explore the different levels of you being and bring them together. Ah. A therapeutic eclipse cycle. But its not always easy.

This eclipse is Saros Cycle is 17 North, according to Bernadette Brady it brings an impulsive energy to events, socializing becomes hectic and deep issues emerge that motivate the individual effected. There is a degree of joy in the movements that occur. You can expect that if you have any of the traditional planets within two degrees of 0 Scorpio, 0 Taurus, 0 Leo, or 0 Aquarius. Have fun. Impulsive behavior can be used to open the heart, to make the leap past fear into the unknown. Fear comes from layers of the subconscious and unconscious mind. They are there hindering our positive thoughts and aspirations that we make for ourselves and others. We have to get past them through our experience, so let this eclipse motivate you to go beyond fear.

Impulsively do something you have feared doing over the next month. Examine the result.

When you make your New Moon aspirations, whether it is during the super potent actual time of the eclipse, or whether it is during the other 10 New Moons a year, be sure they are not in any way aspirations that harm others. Your universe is a closed karmic loop after all. Since your aspirations come from your mind, and your experiences with others are all filtered through your mind, then all results of your intentions will be experienced by your mind.

I hope this has been ok, it is a rather deep Scorpio treatment of the meaning of eclipses, but hey, that makes sense doesn’t it.

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