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Well, here we are, swiftly moving into the age of Aquarius. It is going to be a different time than the age of Pisces. It is going to be a different epoch. To understand the difference we can meditate upon the archeytpes of the Zodiac and understand the precession of the equinox. The Egyptian and Sumerian cultures and perhaps cultures before them noticed that approximately every 2150 years the spring equinox rises in a new sign. It is called precession because the signs it rises in are traveling backwards through the zodiac the opposite direction of the seasonal progressions through the year. The whole cycle takes around 25 765 years. This is called a great year. Each zodiac sign that an equinox rises through is called an Age. The Age of Taurus was from 4300 BC to 2150BC. The Age of Aries was from 2150 BC to 1 AD. The age of Pisces was 1 AD to 2150 AD. But alas, those are nice and crisp numbers, but it is not so simple

That is because the actual stars that mark the constellations have a lot of space between them. Where does one begin and the other end? It is a bit subjective, is it exactly half way? Is it when the Spring Equinox leaves the last star of the previous constellation, is it when it touches the first star of the new constellation? There is a lot of debate about this. Some astrologers are trying to coordinate it with the Mayan Calander, some are looking for signs of what is Aquarian vs. what is Pisces. Nick Campion in his book , The Book of World Horoscopes has six pages listing researchers and their proposed dates for the start of the Age of Aquarius indicating that many researchers believe that each age commences at an exact date but disagree on when that date is.

I do not believe it is relevant as to the exact date it starts. Experience tends to be perceived by the mind as a blending of events, rather than a particular date, and to the human brain time is subjective. Almost all astrologers would agree that we are as a world culture leaving Piscean experience and moving into Aquarian experience. The original pop culture thought, and to some degree with the 2012 visionaries hope, is that the age of Aquarius is one of enlightenment and humanity. This is because the Sign of Aquarius is a human sign, but …not so fast. …. For just like your sun sign does not tell your whole story, likewise Age of Aquarius is a much deeper topic than a symbol of a man holding water.

In this symbol though, the water is consciousness, it is contained and carried forth into the universe. Thus the age is seen one where man will leave the earth and move into space. Like wise Aquarius is the air sign of Saturns domicile. So it is a scientific and rational age. Ah This is hopeful to, but not so fast…. for all the other signs, good and bad, are going to have there say.

And next we will go over just what that say is.

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