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Mercury has gone direct, and begins to reverse the course of our dire voyage through retrograde funk that we have been on for the last three weeks. Did Retrograde funk sailing get your down? For one week we had 5 planets in retrograde, and now with Mercury deciding its best to move things forward we are down to three. Perhaps you had to tie yourself to the masts to keep from jumping into the sea when all the retrograde planets were calling like shrill sirens. Hands down last week was the most turbulent we will see in a while, with Mercury slowing down retrograde and a retrograde Mars conjunct a full moon in Sagittarius.

As Mercury goes direct there can be quick reversals of fortune. The good news is this is most likely to lead to a positive turn of events in ones life. If such has happened to you, then look for how the reversal of fortune creates an opportunity that was not there before.

Mars will stay retrograde until the 29th of June. An effect of this is for the houses that Mars rules in your chart to experience a lack of movement. Or even more malefic the movement does not go the way you like. Mars rules my 4th and 11th, and be it said I have lost contact with a few friends, and some house projects have come to a standstill. Mars retrograde is like hiking through a swamp without mosquito repellent. 5 more weeks.

Venus moves into Gemini this week, where our love of the sensual turns towards ideas and words. A good month of writing poetry lies ahead, as well as exchanging love letters. Let us call Venus in Gemini “random love letters”. One should never take a Venus in Gemini love too seriously, she is apt to change her mind and find a new lover on the drop of a dime. Her commitment is “airy” in this sign.

Sun also just entered into Gemini. In this place he to0 is airy and excited about the exploration of new ideas. Gemini loves the debate, and Mars retrograde is a revolutionary, so don’t expect the Bern to lay down arms anytime soon.

Best Wishes.
a flippant writer quickly exploring a few ideas.

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