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You can win money with astrology in the world of sports gambling.

Monday night saw an exciting football game between two divisional rivals that are supposed to be the top of their class. The San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams. The 49ers we’re expected to win by 1.5 points, but looking at both teams on paper it was not easy to decide who would have the upper hand and where to lay one’s money if one was to wager on the game.

Thus I took to the art of astrology to determine where to place my bet. Now over the course of betting on football using astrology during the last 10 years I have refined my understanding. As people who follow my writings no I use Bonatti’s rules for astrology and war for determining which team will win. The results of that have been mixed. The reason for this I believe is 1 cannot overly rely on astrology, or discount it when placing a wager.

What I have come to conclude is to have accurate predictions you need to account for the emotional state of the teams, their capacity to perform at peak performance, and the injuries they are bringing into the game. This makes absolute sense in terms of looking at a battle field chart. The two armies must be considered in terms of their capacity. Astrology can show how one can find the path to victory, or who has the right to that path, but the team has to be able to walk that path.

This is not different than when making mundane predictions, paying attention to signs arising from weather, spontaneous noises, or intuition in your predictions. It is a missing piece that I do not believed is emphasized enough when teaching or studying astrology. Astrology is a language of divine gnosis, and should never be limited to just what comes off the computer screen or is in a book.

Both San Francisco and the Rams had significant injuries moving into the game, as almost all football teams do as the sport is very brutal.

Here is the chart.

This chart was very exciting for me, as it was the first chart this season that foretold a clear winner based on astrology. There are two particular things to look for in the chart.

The strength of the planet Ruling the Asc determines the condition of the challenger (the visiting team)  and the strength of the Desc determines the condition of the defender (the home team).

The last planet the Moon made an aspect to is the visiting team. The next planet the Moon aspects is the home team.

Gosh, this seems so easy. Ah hahaha not so fast. It gets really subtle, which is where you can lose a lot of money if you are not careful.

In this case it is not though. Angular planets have more strength, and here the ruler of the 7th is iin the 7th in rulership, unafflicted by a malefic.

The ruler of the 1st is retrograde (but with strength by term).

Clearly, the ruler of the 7th is stronger in this situation.

The last aspect the moon made was a square to the Sun, the next one it makes is a trine to … you guessed it, Mercury.

I saw this, which is the first very clear chart according to the rules and despite the picks of the experts, and the majority of bets being laid down in Vegas chose San Francisco.

The results speak for themselves.

Good luck and email me if you have any questions or want instruction in the art of sports astrology.

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