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Happy Thanksgiving, and a special one it is, with a partial solar eclipse occurring today. There is a good deal of debate about whether a Solar eclipse effects everyone, or just those who fall under its shadow. Since this eclipse is mostly visible from Antarctica, if we are followers of that school of thought (and my lord, why not follow that school of thought, Astrology gives us enough to worry about with out the 6th month eclipse cycles, and eclipses always foretell doom!) we can just ignore this eclipse. Whoot.

Hmmm.. just a second, I said something there funny. I said all eclipses foretell doom. What do i mean by this? Let me explain myself before you new age folks who think everything will always end with Amethyst colored transcendence start writing me by the boatload to explain how this is counter to the teachings of the Ascended master Hung Ka Ra Rooo. The Sun is the light of the world, as is the moon. The darkening of the lights of the world, is a traumatic experience. During Eclipses there is always a charged energy, and this energy is foreboding. When an eclipse strikes a pivotal point in a chart. Be it, a planet, an Arabic Part, or a Midpoint, it is going to impress an energetic pulse into that point. If it is a national chart, it will describe the funtion of that point being eclipsed.

For instance here is the Chart for Egypt and the eclipse that occurred in


You can see how this eclipse conjunct Mars and Pluto in a loose stellium aspects the Egyptian Midheaven by conjunction hits Egypt hard. The Midheaven always represents the leader of a nation. Here, the power of the Eclipse destroyed the reign of Mubarak. Mubarak ruled Egypt longer than anyone since the Pharaohs. With this eclipse to the ruler though, him staying in power would prove impossible.

This eclipse was very difficult. The eclipse occurring between the North Node and Mars spoke clearly of violent change. Did the eclipse shadow Egypt? Yes, it did. It occurred over the entire mideast. Did a number of mideast rulers fall. They did. This eclipse speaks of the Arab Spring. The eclipsing of old leaders and regimes.

Sorry, I digressed.  The current Eclipse of November 25th as I said falls over Antarctica, as well as South Africa as well as Tasmania and New Zealand. We can safely say that the eclipse effects will be stronger in those areas. The eclipse is in an a Fire Sign. What of this, Fire in South Africa during the heat of their summer? Fires in New Zealand?

I think its safe to assume, that to be certain an eclipse will effect a nation as a whole, or a people, it needs to be seen by that nation or people. However, on a personal level, if the eclipse is with in 3 degrees of a personal point, by a conjunction, square, or opposition, I have seen enough examples to know that it does effect the native. How is that effect described. It is described by the adjectives of the planet or point that it aspects. I know of a man who the current eclipse squares the ruler of his health. He just found out that he has prostrate cancer. I can assure you that he has not been to the Antarctic any time of recent!

To see if the eclipse will effect you, look at if it aspects any of your chart points or have an astrologer do so for you.



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