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Solar Eclipses still are a great mystery for us humans. Even though we know the science behind them. The Sun is 400 times wider than the Moon and 400 times further away than the Moon. This unique astronomical coincidence or divine providence makes an eclipse a magical event to behold. Imagine, they are the same size to our eyes. What are the chances of that. We could speculate that the sheer balance of that is what allows life on earth to flourish. However that was not always the case. Due to tidal motions the moon moves one inch further away from the earth every year. The Moon used to appear larger than the Sun.

When delineating an eclipse I like to look at a number of factors. Eclipses have been judged by traditional societies and thus traditional astrologers as always being bad. When the sky went dark, this was not good. That is totally understandable. We have a more sophisticated understanding now, because we know what an eclipse is, and we know it is not an angry god. Or a sign from an angry god stealing the vital life force from the earth. It is a natural phenomena. Still it has omen portence for our own charts and the charts of nations.

Seeing an eclipse or being in its shadow increases its effect on your land and perhaps you. It is speculation, many people see eclipses and their lives do not suddenly fall apart. This eclipse occurs almost entirely south of South Africa. So this eclipse will not effect us or portend any sudden dramatic events by this standard. It is possible as it touches South Africa that we will see a severe event in that country in the next six months. This might be land reform, the falling apart of ANC and the reformation of political leadership there, or other events. It is ominous that eclipse falls in the 8th house or evening in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

The Eclipse will not portend a life event for you if it does not aspect a significant point in your natal chart. I am not talking minor asteroids. I am talking about your sun, moon, asc, midheaven, part of fortune or spirit, or a stellium combination of planets. If this eclipse aspects those things watch out baby! The eclipse occurs at 15 degrees Capricorn. Check your chart. If it does, do not fear gloom and doom, the energy will get intense but the results of this Saros series are positive.

Her text, taken from the Eagle and the Lark pg. 311 reads, “The eclipse is concerned with unusual groups and the individuals involvement with those groups. This could be the time when the individual notices or suddenly desires to find a particular group whose concerns would be with healing, the arts, or the love of humanity. The individual will feel that, through involvement with such a a group, he or she will gain a great deal. “

We can tell from this that this particular eclipse is not negative in its connotations. Most people judge eclipses as negative generally, but like everything else, there are positive and negative sides to eclipses. I have found this to be true in experience and generally have come to have faith in the delineations of the Saros Cycle by Brady.

Of course the exact effects are always modified by the aspect. Oppositions and squares are going to require more negotiation and the facing of hard truths. Conjunctions and Trines will feel more like natural transitions.

The effects of the eclipse in a general way will be felt depending on the house it falls in, in your chart. Thus first house, represent personal changes, second house financial changes…etc.

If you would like a delineation on how this eclipse will effect you, give me a call for an astrology reading and remember, relax and enjoy.

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