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Falcon 9 landsOne of the often overlooked qualities of Sagittarius is movement and vehicles. You see, Sagittarius is half horse, the lower half, which has for most of human history meant really fast travel. The horse allowed for travel to other lands and places quickly, and as such, Sagittarius has a quality of fast travel. Sagittarius is also an archer, so there is an association with many astrologers with Sagittarius and air travel. 1926 to 1929 were Saturn in Sagittarius years where air travel really started to take of commercially. 1926 was the beginning of commercial passenger travel in the U.S. and of course in 1927 Lindbergh flew for the first non stop solo flight across the Atlantic. Then 1956 through 1959 were Saturn in Sagittarius years, where jet travel began to become a commercial norm. It was during this time that the total number of air passengers exceeded the number of passengers traveling by sea. In the arena of space, the sputnik was launched and NASA was formed. 1985 through 1988 were Saturn in Sagittarius years, here we saw the deregulation of the airline industry and its rapid transformation into a world wide accessible method of transit. It was during this time that TWA flew the first twin engine 767 on a long distance flight, allowing for a reduction in the cost of flights. The first nonstop flight around the world occurred during this time. The first space station, MIR, was established and occupied at this time. It was also when the Challenger disaster occurred, which shows more of the dark side of Saturn, that of stopping things, or forcing us to slow down to perfect our works. It appears that one can then mark space exploration epochs by the cycle of Saturn and particularly when it moves into the sign of Sagittarius.

That being said, when Saturn in Sagittarius arrived, a few astrologers were wondering what advancements in flight would occur. It did not take long before Space X successfully landed a Falcon 9 rockets first stage booster. The effects of this on space travel and the availability of it to humanity is staggering. The cost of using rockets will, according to Elon Musk, drop by a factor of 100 the cost of going to space. This seems to qualify as the beginning of a new epoch, where space travel over the next two years will become ever more available to humanity, and be taken out of the sole provenance of governments.

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