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Often times I am asked by people what to look for in astrology when seeing whether a relationship will work or not. This is an enjoyable and yet challenging question for me as an astrologer. For it is my opinion that any relationship can work if the two people involved are committed to work through and acknowledge their differences as being each other’s gifts to one another. That being said, when looking at a chart in terms of a relationship, I look for the following to judge it.

Now, here I am going to list them in terms of what I think is important so don’t be shocked.

First Venus Mars aspects.  This is for a romantic relationship, both of these planets rule sexuality, and if there contacting each other. Hallelujah, you are going to have good sex in your relationship. Good sex releases all of those wonderful chemicals and pheromones that make it feel good to be with the other person. Thus it helps your relationship get through hard times. Now if you want to say relationships aren’t about the good sex then we will move on to the next subject.

Second are the Sun and Moon aspects. These two rule a soul’s ability to think and be and know one another. Thus we can say that harmonious aspects here mean the two people understand one anothers motivations. Thus they can be good friends and when the going gets tough, this will help see them through it.

Third are Saturn aspects. Saturn is karma and fate. Thus if you have Saturn in the chart, you tend to be stuck together in a relationship. Now this isn’t that great, really, because Saturn aspects are heavy, and the one whose Saturn aspects are in the chart tends to drive the other person “relentlessly” and to be very hard on them. Some astrologers also call this the heartbreak aspect. Often times Saturn aspects create a hard lesson that the relationship teaches. Also though, it creates a strong bond.

The Fourth place to look is the Nodes. The Nodes also describe fate, so node contacts indicate where there is fate. This is the fate of growth, or comfort, depending on the node. The Growth node is the North Node, a North node conjunction implies the partner pushes you forward. A south Node conjunction implies that you are being given comfort in this relationship.

These are the main points I look for in relationship charts. For Valentine’s day, I am offering relationship readings for 75$ off for the two of you. Please check the specials page if you are interested.

Also, I found the following book a good start on my study of relationships in astrology, and recommend it if you would like a good read on the subject.


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