Heart Astrology

Hekate, embodying the energy of the moon and its implications.

Hermes said, while carrying a message from the Logos to the Shadow, “beware the bitter medicine, for you will swallow as much as you can not heal, through your own efforts.”

Hekate, the Goddess of the trimorphic power of the moon.Hekate, What are those powers? Emptiness, fullness, and the ability to go between.

Hekate Ggoddess of Yin and yang. Sublime protector of the TAO. Hekate, You with power over past present and future.

Hekate, you who consumes devils and Births Gods, You who swallows gods and shits devils. Mother of all existence. Grant us light when there is darkness.

Hekate, Turn the wheel of agony into bliss, self fixation Into equanimity, anger into love, hatred into compassion, and sorrow into joy.

Hekate, when at a crossroads, guide me to make the right decision. To take the right road. To walk the good road of virtue so my soul may walk free of my body when the great Cross Road arises.

Hekate, Crush those who seek to harm the good of life on this planet in your terrible fingers, consume them with your sharp poisoned teeth, rip out their five organs spread them in the 10 directions and render them useless.

Oh Hekate, from emptiness you come, to emptiness you go, at the crossroads where we perceive the false perceptions of choices and forms, you our are companion, ever reminding us of the impermanence of things. Dance your dance of bliss, dance your dance of wisdom, bring us to the feet of the Thus Gone One.

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