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A sunrise seen from Mars
A sunrise seen from Mars

Here we be, the seventh square of Pluto and Uranus. The final square. Here are the dates when we have experienced the square and what happened in the news: The square approached close enough to give us a preview of its intentions in 2010 and 2011. This caused alot of concerns amongst astrologers as it seemed to be setting up a similar situation as when it occurred in the 1930’s, that is economic collapse, the fracture of governments, and the mass movements of people in protest. The result of this in the 30’s was the rise of Fascism. While the trend in the world has been mixed, with the passing of Citizens United, the destruction of a good part of the Arab Spring by the return to Autocratic rule by the Egyptian government, the tenacity of the Syrian Government, the Rise of ISIS, and the annexation of Crimea, we have yet to witness anything akin to the Fascist states that arose in the 1930’s. That was called a waning square or a life negating square then. The symbolism is that the third quarter square of the Moon is a dimming square, where the lunar cycle completes its work and goes into the dark.

This square however was a life affirming square. One where symbolically the light of life is increasing in its fullness. so we saw the rise of the Arab Spring which had some success, we saw the occupy movement rise in America, we saw the Ukraine vote for an independent state from Russia’s oligarchic government, we saw the resurgence of the environmental movement in the face of Big Oils massive attempts to suppress it. We saw Greek install a socialist government, we have seen all over the world people rise up to affirm life! This is the power of the life affirming square, despite a host of man made, and natural disasters the world has marched through the time towards being a better place. It appears the greatest affirmation is that the age of Aquarius is to some degree being used to empower the individual with in the context of the group mind. Democracy has left the voting booth and entered the information booth. The attempt to shut down net neutrality has been shut down and Uranus in Aries has said the individual impulse has a voice that can not be contained. Meanwhile, Pluto in Capricorn has shown us the rot of the old forms of government, the old corporations, the old method of extracting earth (Capricorn) based fluids for energy, and is causing the rebirth of novel forms of energy that is helping to face the challenges of Global Warming (Uranus in Aries is new forms of energy!)

Every hit seems to have financial implications because Pluto emphasises old money and power. The last hit saw the Russian Market collapse. The greater impulse though is to new forms of currency. We have been introduced to Apple Pay and Bitcoin during this time. The last 4 years have seen a radical depature from hard currency to electronic currency. The bust this hit is in the Oil Market, which has crashed below 50 because demand has fallen significantly. The theories of why demand has fallen are economic, but now China has more energy being produced from wind farms than all of America’s nuclear power plants produce. The obvious pie in the room is that the world has used this series of transits to finally begin saying no to Fossil Fuel.

Squares are not easy, and neither is modern life, it is so quick, so much information is always available. It is very difficult to find time to take a step back and find peace. This is especially true when we are in a time of world changing outer planet squares. But the squares between Pluto and Uranus, probably the only ones I will personally have a chance to write about (life extension technology being the providence of the rich at this point and the next squares occuring in 80 years) have been good in the arch of humanity.

Take it for joy, and remember, what is in the box, always depends upon what you think is in the box. Your positive thoughts are what makes the world positive!

Lets call this a time of new hope.

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