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houseboatThe moon is in Pisces today Trine Saturn in Scorpio. Being a Virgo, Pisces is in the opposite place from my Sun or illumination, so it is going to be my shadow. The signs opposite any given planet you have are natural shadows to the energetic purpose of that planet. I also happen to have Mercury in Virgo, so I like thinking that is clear and rational, Virgo being an earth sign, I also like it to be stable. Thus intuitive, indecisive,thinking that is just floating ideas, as well as communication in such ways, which are all Piscean, are just challenging for my rational mind.

The rational mind though has a shadow, and in my case it is intuitive, indecisive thinking that has no boundaries or marching orders. Thinking that just is. This is the Pisces thinking. Being a shadow, it is hard for me to acknowledge it in others as having a purpose, let alone my self. And yet, there it is, a part of a whole, certainly true, and very undermining, because I refuse to relate to it. Carl Jung said somewhere enlightenment is found by illuminating the dark. In astrological terms it means we should all really spend sometime studying the opposite signs from our major dynamic energies. A Virgo Sun should spend time coming to know the Illumination of a Pisces Sun, for that is the Illumination of the Virgo’s Shadow.

What, then is Pisces. A Pisces is unknowing, intuiting, vast mind. It is mind that lets things unfold. Pisces is the natural Taoist mind. This is the supreme manifestation of going with the flow of the vast ocean. Sitting in the current and letting it take its course with deep trust. Allowing for all possibilities. Taping into the mind that is not individuated but rather deals with archetypes that are universal. Every Pisces I know is frustratingly hard to communicate with (hah!) not because they are not enjoyable to speak with, but because the conversation never gets anywhere. But Pisces does not need to get anywhere, it is at the end of the Zodiac and has already been everywhere! It is laughing at the need for something to happen, because everything has already happened, and the deep faith Pisces has means they are comfortable and assured that whatever else needs to happen, it will happen in the right way at the right time. That is the Pisces way. Faith and Trust in the vast cosmic nature, or god, or life nature. Since modern life really conflicts with this, modern life being made of spreadsheets, angles, streets, corners, stop lights, rules, and regulations, Pisces might just have to drink to get in touch with that reality. Pisces will sabotage any boundaries, because those boundaries are an image and a mirage to the Pisces Mind.

What do do when the Moon is in Pisces then? This is a struggle for a Virgo at least, and perhaps for otehr signs, I find myself at a complete lack of motivation and certainty this time of the month. The Moon is translating the Pisces archetype into the plane of relative mind, and suddenly, boom. All the boundaries are lost and the direction becomes a flow, rather than a direction. Wait, is that a mental wandering again…well so be it, when the Moon is in Pisces wander…freely, and by no means ever…lay a foundation for a house, unless its a houseboat.

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