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ascension_and_rebirth_by_alexpolanco-d3517z6This month the Sun is in Sagittarius coloring the landscape with all things Sagittarius. It is no surprise that many holidays, the root of which must be holy days, comes during the apex month of philosophical understanding in the chart. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher, associated with Jupiter, who is the jovial one understanding the world through hope and joy. When we look at Sagittarius we recognize his galloping steed legs, he wants to move fast! We see his drawn bow, he wants to hit the target, kill the beast, and get done what needs to be done. Being a fire sign he is impatient, impertinent, but all with a jovial laugh.
You may find yourself wanting to get a lot done this month. But guess who is visiting Sagittarius for the next two years. Well, you would not be amiss to put a damper on the party by saying Saturn in a dull heavy voice. Saturn is always like, slow down. Do not make any rash decisions. Be very careful with all you do.
Here is the rub then. This new Moon in Sagittarius, with all of its promise and faithful hope, is tempered by a big fat Saturn sitting on the vibe like a super strict homeroom teacher. What to do.
1. Use the Jupiter Joy, but be very thorough and practical for the next month. Actions not grounded in reality will not turn out well.
2. Flash is not rewarded during this month, modesty is. But the tendency will be to flash. We are entering into a conservative time of year, however flash is going to end Saturn Dead. Well, yes, Adobe is officially killing Flash. How about that for literal Saturn in Sagittarius. In here lies the beauty of the story.
The death led to a rebirth. Is that not the perfect seasonal myth to go along with Saturn in Sagittarius and our New Moon in Sagittarius. Death and Rebirth. Which brings us to:
3. This is a really great month for finding what needs to end and giving rebirth to a new fresh life. What needs to be shed, and what needs to be reborn.

Tis the season.

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