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ImageJ=1.43uThe new moon is in Libra today starting the astrological month of Libra. The Sun and Moon were conjunct at 1* Libra which makes it an early conjunction, indicating the start or beginning of new things.

In terms of our own aspirations and using the New Moon as a skillful way of creating goals for you life, we should set down Libra type goals this month. Libra is associated with balance, art, diplomacy, equality, justice, partnership and self expression. Aspirations for self development in the month are harmonious with the energy of the month when they are made in those areas of life. One of the greatest flaws of the Libra archetype is indecisiveness. As an exercise in setting the month straight be decisive with your aspirations for the month.

Looking at the implications of the month, in considering the New Moon chart the following qualities stand out: The ruler of Libra, Venus, is in Fall in Virgo. This is relatively common and happens about a third of the time that we have a Libra month. The indications are that matters of love and the heart as well as matters having to do with leisure and debauchery will not go smooth over the next month in general. Mars and Neptune are square. It is a waning square and thus has to do with the closing out of what is indicated by the Mars Neptune cycle. In this case we can say that it indicates dissolution and confusion in the matters of war and aggression. Uranus is returning back to an applying square to Pluto, the second to last in the dance they have been doing since 2012. The final square will be in 2016. This square will arrive in December and I will post about it closer to that time, but remember it in your mind over the next few months as tensions begin to arise again in the world. Uranus has been in Aries, which indicates the new, and Pluto in Capricorn which is resources. For all the pain that has been experienced by humanity in the past 5 years, I believe the final indications of this square will be that it was when society as a whole on the earth began to acknowledge, or remember, our roll as stewards of nature rather than harvesters of nature. Unfortunately the first square brought the Gulf oil spill, the second Fukushima disaster, the last one the struggle for gas pipeline ownership in the Ukraine. Thus the square teaches through hard lessons, and the quicker you learn the lessons the less pain involved with them. This is true for natal charts as well as mundane charts.

The New Moon occurs in the first Decan of Libra. Ibn Izra has this to say: A man in a shop in the market with scales in his hand, and he wishes to buy and sell. We can say also then New Moon aspirations can be made for profit through buying and selling.

Best wishes to you during the month of Libra, may you stall balanced, decisive, and communicate well.

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