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Neptune the great and slow mystic mystifier has moved into Pisces. What does this mean for us as individuals? What does this mean for the Mundane affairs of the world? A good deal of astrologers are putting there thoughts to paper and digital blog, so I thought to weigh in! Let us first look at what happened last time Neptune entered Pisces. It was the years of 1847 and 1848. What are we looking for…well lets define the key words of Neptune, that should point us in the right direction. We are looking for ideas and events that have to do with: boundaries dissolving, confusion, world phenomena dissolving, the ocean, the sea, Wisemen, Martyrs, Spiritual guides, all things having to do with fluids, Deception, Illusion, Magic, and last but not least all things having to do with the Supernatural. We find many of the same ideas associated with Pisces, which is why Neptune has come to be associated with the sign of Pisces. Some modern thinkers even say Neptune rules Pisces.

Ok, since it takes Neptune roughly 165 years to float through the Zodiac, then lets again head back to 1848 and see if we can find any patterns that are now repeating themselves. Two things strike me immediately for the year. Eureka!  The first is thing that really sticks out to me is the California Gold Rush. To me this really emphasizes the boundless hope and delusion of a great many people. Neptune in Pisces really took a good deal of poor folks for a ride on that one! I am unable to see a similar occurrence at this time, please let me know if you do. I do expect a similar type of wealth delusion to arise over the year. One that seems as if it can uplift any man into riches with a simple Eureka!

On a positive note, in England the board of Public health is established, giving a broad and uplifiting capacity for the English Government to establish uplifting health care for the nation. Now wait a second….Did I just say that? Last time Neptune was in Pisces Health Care was established for the people! ok, Neptune is Idealism, and Pisces is for the people. Interesting cycle loop though, dont you think. For it is this year that the majority of Obamacare starts taking effect.

Another big key event is the publication of the Communist Manifesto. This again strikes the note of idealism, and the commonality of the people. I think this is a key word for Pisces. We are seeing a reflection of communism in the Occupy movement, which like communism has swept the world demanding justice for the 99%. This is a very strong cyclic show for Neptune returning to Pisces.

That was  a few themes for the outer world transformation during Neptune in Pisces.

Now lets look at our own charts as individuals. Where Pisces falls in the chart will be the house that is ruled. For example, if Pisces falls on the third house, that of kin, brothers, writing, neighborhood, small journeys. Then you will get the Neptune effect in those houses. This will fall in the entire range of good and bad of Neptune. That is the line from deception to illusion to mysticism to channeling to intuitive insights to compassion to empathy to dissolution to uncertainty. You will likely see all of these things arise in this house, as Neptune takes you deep into your soul in this area of your life, the cusp that Pisces rules, and asks you “what is true here”.

Meditate on that. What is true, for you in the house that is ruled by Pisces.



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